7 Ways to Watch Live Sports Online

7 Ways to Watch Live Sports Online


7 Ways to Watch Live Sports Online



Unfortunately, when it comes to live sports, we need a cable connection as it is difficult to find live sports streaming online. But don’t worry. Though some local games are very hard to watch online, I have discovered 7 ways to watch live sports online. I have them written down below.


IPTV will offer you access to all the basic TV channel networks. For example Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. This means you can enjoy all the national NFL games on your computer or cell phone if you have IPTV subscription.

You can also enjoy games like NBA, NCAA, or MLB if you have this subscription. But keep in mind that, ESPN’s Monday night football is not available for you here.

If you don’t like to use cable network anymore, the IPTV service will help you to stream a lot of major networks on your smartphone, PC, tablet, or any MAC devices you want. This service is available all around and it is really helpful.

NFL Game Access

If you are a Pro football fan, then online Live streaming is the toughest choice for you. Of the streaming service for the four available major leagues, the weakest one is NFL game access.

Unfortunately, you cannot view the game online at any price you give. But for around 30 dollars you can listen live of the game. And if you use a bit more money, you can get full HD video broadcast right after it is aired.


When it comes ESPN you and I both know that it is the biggest name in the media of sports. But did you know that ESPN has live streaming too? However, it is not available easily.

If you have TV subscription for ESPN, only then you can access ESPN shows, live games, and events online. This is not so helpful if you don’t want to have cables anymore.

However, there is another way you can get into ESPN. ESPN3 is an online service which is available for subscription. But here the flaw is you cannot watch NBA games that are in-demand, or similar broadcasts of high viewership. But you can definitely watch college sports, cricket, and major league soccer via ESPN3.


Major League Baseball or MLB, in short, is the best online option for fans who don’t like cords and want to cut them. MLB.TV Premium will let you watch major league baseball games of all type on your PC, tablet, smartphone, as well as on your XBOX and PlayStation too. Though the local games are restricted here, this is a great option to choose for the fans of baseball.

NFL Sunday Ticket

The DirectTV network offers you a stellar package of NFL. If you want you can have it without a satellite or cable TV subscription. But sometimes DirectTV may not be an option for your home. This is due to the issue of the line of sight. But in this case, there is another option available for you.

It is called the NFL Sunday Ticket Max package. You can sign up for this and it is online only. If you subscribe here, you will get access to all the Sunday Live games of NFL via your devices like tablet or PC or even smartphone.

NHL Game Center LIVE

If you are a hockey fan, you can watch the live broadcast of almost all games on tablets, smartphones, and also TV-connected devices if you subscribe to NHL Game Center LIVE. You only need about 80 dollars to watch it through the entire season. You can also re-watch a game the next day if you want.

NBA League Pass

With the NBA League Pass and around 180 dollars a year, you can have live NBA basketball games streamed to your mobile devices, computer, or even TV-connected devices. But I should warn you about something. On the NBA League Pass, the local market team blackouts are quite common. This makes the streaming an imperfect solution if you are an NBA fan who wants to watch every single game of the year.


So here are the 7 ways to watch live sports online. I know how difficult it is to find a way to watch sports live online. But now that you have gone through this article I hope it will not be a problem for you anymore.

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