How to choose the right basketball equipment

How to choose the right basketball equipment


How to choose the right basketball equipment


Basketball is the sport of millions. The development of this sport has led to the development and implementation of hundreds of professional and amateur simulators, which help the basketball player to focus on developing vital skills. Correctly chosen basketball equipment is a friend and partner of a successful athlete. In times of high competition among athletes, players spend thousands of calories in training. Remember the old block simulators in the gymnasiums, when doing vertical blocking the feeling that you are struggling with the simulator arose. Heavy speed, jerking movements, poor reliability deprived thousands of people of the opportunity to get the desired result.

Progress does not stand still and among the basketball equipment can be divided into three main groups depending on the level of the athlete: professionals, amateurs and beginners. The range of each group directly reflects the needs of consumers.


The high segment is focused on professional teams and top-level athletes. It is a widely represented line of highly specialized equipment for basketball. The corresponding advantages in the form of high-quality and unique equipment are combined with obvious disadvantages in the form of transcendental prices for non-professional athletes. For amateurs, the market for basketball products is much wider. Manufacturing companies are often not narrow-profile and specialize in sports equipment for various sports in general. Such companies retain the high quality of the goods and are represented by both well-known brands and lesser-known companies no-names. This segment seeks to maintain a balance between an adequate price for its products and decent quality. Innovations in basketball are not their strength. The third segment – manufacturers of sports equipment for beginners. This group is the most massive and difficult, as it combines companies seeking to simplify professional equipment as much as possible without loss of quality, and companies that do not understand sports at all.  As in any sport, in basketball there are leading manufacturers that specialize in professional basketball equipment. These companies are united by the desire to meet the expectations of the most demanding athletes. They are constantly in the process of inventing new products and in many ways highly specialized.

Most basketball fans have hardly heard of the American company SKLZ. On the other hand, thousands of elite athletes around the world use SKLZ simulators in their routine work. The history of the brand dates back to 2002, when its founder Minnear invented the Hit-A-Way baseball simulator. It became a sensation in the American market and soon all of America knew about the existence of the revolutionary company SKLZ due to its presence in the largest trading network Walmart and the support of famous sportsmen. In addition to baskeball, the company gradually mastered other areas – golf, football , functional training.


But it was precisely the progress in the development of basketball that allowed the company to be announced in the international arena. The partnership with EXOS in 2011 allowed us to bring the experience of a company that has repeatedly been awarded the title of an innovator of sports equipment to basketball equipment.

The price segment of this company was originally designed for elite athletes. Sports equipment for basketball sklz modified in each element to the maximum. Before the release of the simulator for sale, it is not only the laboratory control, but also tested by the most famous basketball players in the world. Materials are initially selected for extremely high loads and, if properly used, the product serves more than one year.


Professional basketball equipment is much more widely known from another American manufacturer SPALDING. Although in many ways, the brand of this company is intuitively associated with basket balls. The company’s history dates back to the distant 1876. Its development is associated with the name of a successful baseball player Albert Spalding, who since 1871 has been the face of the league thanks to his triumphant victories. An interesting fact for the majority will be that he played the ball that was actually developed. The combination of these factors allowed the company to consolidate its name in the international arena.

Basketball equipment brand SPALDING is the choice of millions of fans of this game.. In its policy, the company strives to adhere to the high level of quality of its products. Of course, this is reflected in the cost, but the price of spalding inventory remains within a reasonable price-quality ratio. Durable materials when used as intended will last more than one season and will bring a lot of bright sensations. Therefore, if you think to buy a Spalding basketball, drop all doubts and this will be the right decision. The main product range of the company includes: basket balls, fixed and mobile racks, shields, rings and accessories.


In the amateur segment is to beware of fakes or counterfeit products.. A fake professional item is easily distinguished by visual and tactile sensations, the amateur sector places its production most often in factories in Asia without a specific specialization on a particular product. The main thing is that in many respects these production are related to sports equipment and the quality meets the needs of not sophisticated customers.


Amateur sport is very democratic, won a dynamic and spectacular streetball, as well as other options for the game. However, to achieve good results, special clothing is required, allowing the athlete to feel confident and free. Shorts and a sleeveless tank top are perfect for playing basketball. They must be made of light, breathable materials that can withstand significant mechanical stress. In training, you can not do without a trowel and a tracksuit.

To protect the most sensitive leg muscles from stretching, you must use tight elastic shorts that resemble their professional cyclocross counterpart. During normal training, they can create some inconvenience due to overheating. However, high-quality alternatives have good ventilation, which makes it possible to apply them everywhere. That’s why we recommend everyone to inform before they place an order by reading multiple opinions on what they are willing to buy, including outdoor basketball shoes reviews, clothes reviews etc.


Before you buy a basketball backboard with a ring, you need to figure out what the age of future players. Adult sites are few, but different from children’s ones.


Quality is especially important for kids. It is more practical to acquire professional sports equipment that will provide the best conditions for training throws and correct movements. The youngest players will find mini racks, while teenagers can choose a full-fledged basketball backboard.


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