What is worse the hookah or the tobacco?

What is worse the hookah or the tobacco?


What is worse the hookah or the tobacco?


Many people around the world think that hookahs are healthier than cigars because of their water composition. Although the smoke passes through liquid does not filter its toxic substances, only allows the smoke that is sucked to cool.

These false beliefs have led to an increase in the number of people who smoke a hookah in recent years. It is also a fashion that extends its social acceptance and the possibility of smoking in groups and sharing the hookah.

Some use this method to quit, but if the main composition is tobacco and nicotine, it will only change the way you smoke and not the addiction. In addition, these devices represent risks similar to those of smoking cigarettes.

What is hookah?

Hookahs are artifacts that are used to smoke tobacco with a variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, mint, coconut, apple, licorice, among others. They are composed of cane molasses, honey, flavors, and tobacco. These are also called water pipes, hookah, shisha, hookah, and these can have different shapes, dimensions or styles.

They are usually made up of a bowl, a metal body, a hose, and a water container. Its way of working is by the combustion of coal on tobacco covered with aluminum foil. Smoke occurs as the tobacco warms. Later this smoke goes through the water to cool before the person inhales.

Its employment began in Eastern countries, but in recent years it has gained ground in different nations of America and Europe. The cafes and hookah bars have been increasing and promoting these practices.

Being a social habit, more and more young people are trying it. According to studies by the world health authorities, not only has the percentage of adults and university students who consume it increased but also every day there are more minors who smoke a hookah.

What is more dangerous hookah or snuff?

The charcoal that is used to ignite the shisha tobacco increases the possible damage to health by generating in the organism high compounds of metals, carbon monoxide, and toxic and chemical substances.

What is worse the hookah or the tobacco? Both have harmful agents that can cause cancer of the mouth, lung, throat, bladder, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, among others. In addition, nicotine can cause arterial obstructions, peripheral vascular disease, obstructive pulmonary disease, reduced fertility, increased blood pressure, periodontal diseases, cardiovascular problems, cerebrovascular diseases, bronchitis, and increased heart rate and decreased lung function.

The newborns of smoking mothers have more risks of having respiratory diseases, in addition to being underweight at birth compared to babies of non-smoking mothers.

Carbon monoxide can lead some people to have nausea, headache, confusion, dizziness, and vomiting. Although some of these sensations can be passed within a few minutes, some smokers have spent hours with these conditions.

What is worse the hookah or tobacco in passive smokers? The argilla as the cigarette represents serious dangers not only for the smoker but also for those exposed to this smoke.

All products with tobacco to have nicotine are highly addictive and present serious health risks. Water pipes being a social habit, are usually shared without changing the mouthpiece, this increases the risk of diseases such as hepatitis, herpes, mononucleosis, flu and other viruses.

The hookah sessions are longer, they can extend for about 40 minutes an hour, or even longer. What is worse the hookah or the tobacco with the number of puffs? To smoke a cigarette about 20 aspirations are made that are about 600 milliliters of smoke, while for the shisha there are about 200 inhalations representing 90 thousand milliliters of smoke.

Are tobacco-free hookahs harmful?

Water pipes can be used with commercial products that do not come with tobacco. This means that people are not dependent on nicotine and the health risks caused by it are reduced.

But these products with sugary aromas, by the way of preparation of hookahs, also generate toxic agents and carbon monoxide. What increases the dangers of lung diseases, risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases?

Is hookah or tobacco safer?

The liquid that the water pipes have does not filter the toxic agents that the smoke possesses. So the stuff will not be less harmful in a hookah than in a cigar. Hookah smokers inhale more smoke in a single session than with a cigarette.

But using an appliance that requires more preparation is probably not handled as often as cigarettes. This does not mean that it does not stop being harmful when it is used. In addition, smoke aspirated is much higher.

The nicotine present in cigars like black and mild cigars or little cigars is between 7 to 20 milligrams, in a bowl of the water pipe, the nicotine is increased 20 times more. In addition, the amount of monoxide is 6 times higher in the arguile.

What is worse the hookah or the tobacco? In the smoke of both can be found components such as heavy metals, carcinogenic chemicals, carbon monoxide, and other toxic substances.

What are those toxic compounds present in tobacco? Chromium, formaldehyde, cobalt, cadmium, tar, polonium, nickel, acetaldehyde, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide, arsenic, cotinine, nicotine and butanol.

What is worse the hookah or the tobacco according to its components? Although many commercialized shisha products claim that they do not contain tar, it can be misleading, since tobacco does not have tar until it is burned or heated.

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