Alex Smith speaks...wants to play again

Alex Smith speaks...wants to play again


Alex Smith speaks...wants to play again


“That’s the plan. That’s the plan,”

It is crazy to think that this is where the Redskins are at with the quarterback who was supposed to make everyone forget about Kirk Cousins but alas…here we are. It’s been 215 days since Alex Smith was injured on a freak play against the Houston Texans and having been there, having seen it happen live, then reading about the infection, hearing about the recovery and now listening to him talk about the rehab all seems so surreal.


Photo: Joe Glorioso / The Sports Daily / All-Pro Reels

H/t to Angie Goff of Fox5 DC for the interview.

Here is my full album from that Redskins vs. Texans game.

Redskins vs. Texans





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