Fairway Woods: Top Benefits And Best Picks In 2019

Fairway Woods: Top Benefits And Best Picks In 2019


Fairway Woods: Top Benefits And Best Picks In 2019


Over the past few years, clubs of this type have evolved significantly and took a deserved place in most golfers’ bags. Earlier being used quite rarely, now these clubs are made of enhanced materials using the most cutting-edge technologies. Thus, they’ve become a must-have for all beginners and handicappers.

Why Are These Clubs Useful?

Although they are still overlooked by many golfers, fairway woods are actually quite useful. They are most suitable for high handicapped and novice players thanks to their versatility and forgiveness. However, there are also quite many options designed, especially for experienced players.

So, how can such clubs enhance your performance on the field? These clubs are widely known for improving distance. However, that’s not the only benefit they can bring! These clubs also help players find more consistency from the tee and add significant versatility to their game.

These clubs perform effectively from different surfaces including around or rough greens, as well as short grass.

Also, thanks to a wide selection of materials and technologies, the clubs from this category can bring a vast variety of additional benefits and features. For example, some models boast of excellent adjustability, while others offer extended distance. Thus, there are options to suit the need of all types of players, so all you need is to find a model that complements your game style and technique!

How To Pick A Suitable Option?

There are quite many factors to bear in mind. In order to find a perfect match, players have to make a decision based on their personal needs and skills.

Thus, some of the most important factors to consider are your complexion, weight, swing, and level of skills. If you keep in mind all of these nuances, you will find a perfect fairway wood that will enhance your gameplay.

Now let’s look at the characteristics of a club that are the most important:

  • Material – on the market, you can find plenty of options made of titanium, steel, and even some models made of composite materials. The material you will pick will influence the overall weight of the club and, respectively, on the speed and power of your swing. That’s when it is important to consider your complexion. Also, keep in mind your skills because if you lack experience, you might want to opt for forgiving clubs.
  • Adjustability – it will be great if you find a club that is easily customizable because this way, you will have a possibility to adjust it to your swing. Some of the main club’s elements that require decent adjustability are a face angle, loft, and movable weights. Thus, these are the main elements you should be looking at.
  • Shafts – last but not least, is to pay attention to shafts as these are especially important in fairway woods. Different shafts provide different flexibility and fit various types of swings, so it is vital to pick a perfect option that suits your technique.

Top Picks In 2019

Still can’t decide which model to pick? Then you have reached the right place! Below, we have included a few of our favorite models to give you an idea of what to look for!

1. TaylorMade M4

This manufacturer is known for creating high-quality equipment that shows excellent performance, and its model called M4 is our favorite pick among the best fairway woods! It lacks adjustability, but its high forgiveness, versatility, and extended distance easily compensate on this small drawback.


  • Distance
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Feel
  • High forgiveness


  • Lack of adjustability options

2. TaylorMade Mens RBZ

Another model introduced by the same manufacturer offers a great blend of performance, design, and price!


  • Decent forgiveness
  • Long distance
  • Great value for money
  • Neat design


  • Lacks adjustability

3. Callaway Men’s Rogue

This model has an excellent reputation and delivers decent distance along with fairly good forgiveness!


  • Great distance
  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Durability


  • Maybe a bit less forgiving than other clubs

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