What To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Rangefinder

What To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Rangefinder


What To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Rangefinder


Playing golf can provide a lot of benefits. Aside from being an excellent physical exercise, golf can also sharpen your mind and improve your social skills. And while some people are only playing golf during their leisure, others are treating it as a competitive sport. If you’re one of the latter, you might be training day and night to improve your skills – and buying the best golf rangefinder can surely help you achieve that goal easier and faster. 

As the name suggests, a golf rangefinder is used to measure the distance from you to another object. Usually, this product is used to measure the yardage of a shot, wind, and gauge slope, as well. 

To help you buy the best golf rangefinder, consider the factors listed below:

  1.   Accuracy

Your shooting accuracy is vital when you’re a golfer. Your accuracy can make or break your career as a golfer. If you want to succeed as a golfer, look for a golf rangefinder that provides accuracy in your estimated range from the target to your yardage where you should deliver your shots.

A golf rangefinder that’s made well can deliver more accuracy. The accuracy delivered by the golf rangefinder is one of the most important factors you should consider in buying; this is a skill that you can never enhance or practice on your own.

  1.   Range

What’s the maximum distance reached by the golf rangefinder? Is it appropriate for your skills and goals? A general rule to follow when buying a golf rangefinder is to find which can range twice as far as would be in practical use. It’s best if you find a golf rangefinder that can range from a few hundred yards. Finding resources and online guides from sites such as Your Gear Deconstructed can also be a big help when deciding on a type of golf rangefinder to purchase with certain features.

  1.   Magnification

Golf requires you to know the distance of your target. You need to determine how far your target is from the location you’re standing at. If you want a golf rangefinder that can help you see targets at a long range, look into its magnification. Buying a golf rangefinder with poor magnification will be useless because you won’t be able to see your target from the different areas of the course. 

If possible, look for a golf rangefinder that can provide you with at least 5x magnification. This feature will make it effortless for you to see far-distant targets. A golf rangefinder that has a magnification of 5x is appropriate if you’re fond of playing up to 400 – 500 yards.

  1.   Ease of Use

In today’s digital era, everyone is already accustomed to using different kinds of gadgets. Usually, it’ll be hard for you to survive a day without using your smartphone or laptop. When it comes to buying a golf rangefinder, you should also consider the ease of use. 

Although this is a personal preference, you should make sure that you’re buying a product that’s convenient the moment you need it. You want to snatch a golf rangefinder from your bag with ease, use it to find your target quickly, and view a display of range reading the moment you’re about to shoot. You should be able to do all of these things with your golf rangefinder within a few seconds. The faster you can use your golf rangefinder, the better. 

  1.   Battery Life

If you’re fond of playing golf for long hours, you need to buy a golf rangefinder that has a good battery life. This is vital, especially if you’re planning to buy a golf rangefinder for a competition, like the Women’s PGA Championship. Aside from the battery life of the golf rangefinder, make sure that you always carry a spare battery with you. You don’t want to play in the course unprepared, right?

  1.   Waterproofing

Gone are the days when water and electronics don’t mix. Today, several golf rangefinders are now built with rubber composites and rigid plastic. These materials make your golf rangefinder resistant to water damage, allowing you to use the product even when it’s raining or when it’s accidentally dropped into a puddle. 

If you’re planning to buy a golf rangefinder that’s waterproof, prepare more money as this variety can be more expensive. 

  1.   Durability

Buying a golf rangefinder will cost money from your pocket. Regardless if you’re still a beginner in golf, buying this product will still require you to spend money. 

If you want to make the most of the money you’ll pay for, look for a golf rangefinder that’s shockproof and durable. The golf rangefinder you buy should still be in good condition even when it’s dropped or falls out from your cart. 

  1.   Case or Storage

Aside from the durability of the golf rangefinder, make sure that this purchase also comes with a high-quality hard case. The quality of the case you’re going to use can significantly affect the performance and longevity of your golf rangefinder. While you’re at it, look for a case or storage that also has a belt and side pockets. It’ll be easier for you to transport your golf rangefinder if these features are present. 

  1.   Price

The price will always be an important deciding factor when buying. As a paying customer, you don’t want to buy a product that’ll cost you an arm and a leg. More often than not, you would always look for a high-quality product that has a reasonable price. 

Usually, a golf rangefinder can range from $140 – $599. Although a golf rangefinder priced at $140 is relatively cheap than other counterparts in the market, some still provide a high-quality product. You just need to be cautious when choosing. 

It’s Easy When You Know How

Buying the best golf rangefinder is an investment. No matter what skills you have right now, you will need to spend money just to enjoy this product. 

To ensure that you’ll end up buying an investment that’s worth it, use this article as your guide. Once you know what factors to look for in a golf rangefinder, it’ll be easier for you to narrow down your search.  

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