Contract Contender Week 2: Miles Johns

Contract Contender Week 2: Miles Johns


Contract Contender Week 2: Miles Johns


The contender series brings two levels of excitement; the excitement we see in every fight card, and the excitement of seeing a fighter’s dreams come true on live broadcast. Each week we’ll look at a fighter who we think has what it takes to be one of those receiving the life changing contract. 

Name: Miles Johns
Opponent: Richie Santiago

For a bantamweight, Johns has power that will surprise lots in his division. While it may be premature to make a John Lineker comparison, the way he ends his combinations with a big right hand while leaning forward is reminiscent of the perennial top 15er. Although it hasn’t translated to a ton of knock outs in his 8-fight, undefeated career, he has stunned a number of his opponents with his hands. He’s also done this while taking on the high quality talent of LFA.

And while we can fall in love with another lighter weight power puncher, Johns isn’t a one-trick pony. On the contrary, he also throws in big double legs into his repertoire, which are both successful and used as a deke to keep his opponents thinking about something other than that big strike on the way.

Odds are, judging by Dana’s comments last week, that Johns will rely on those hands a bit more. He may hurt Santiago though and then go for the finish on the ground.

Official Prediction: Johns via Rear Naked Choke, Round 3

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