Report: Celtics considering Kemba Walker

Report: Celtics considering Kemba Walker


Report: Celtics considering Kemba Walker


Once the Celtics fell into cap space, I had a feeling they would kick the tires on Kemba Walker. He fills the point guard/scorer void quite nicely.

Full disclosure: I’m not Walker’s biggest fan. Could be my disdain for UConn players. Could be that I’ve always considered him a good player whose stats are inflated because he plays for a crappy team.

The 29-year-old Walker has openly expressed his interest in staying in Charlotte, even for less than the 5-year, $221 million supermax contract he’s eligible for. Another team, like Boston, could offer 4 years and $140 million. The Mavericks and Lakers are also rumored to have an interest.

Any concerns with backing up the Brinks truck for an undersized, 29-year old guard?

I have mixed feelings. It’s possible Walker could thrive in Boston with Brad Stevens’ coaching and Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown around to lessen his burden. But small guards typically don’t get better with age. What if he starts breaking down?

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