Harley-Davidson Models of the future

Harley-Davidson Models of the future


Harley-Davidson Models of the future


by Harley Heaven

Harley-Davidson has recently announced a selection of future motorcycle models that has sparked much conversation and reinvigorated the identity of the long-standing brand. As part of their commitment to always innovate, Harley-Davidson has branched into new segments, giving us a bold new vision for the future of riding. 

From kitted out touring bikes to all-new, stripped back electric motorcycles, the latest Harley models offer attractive machines for various and vastly different lifestyles.

It looks like Harley-Davidson is trying to target audiences who may not yet be in the motorcycle market and introducing new visions for the future of riding, be it a commuter with an electric bike or the outdoor adventurer with the dirt bike. 

By offering alternatives to the stereotype of loud and heavy cruisers, Harley is diversifying their brand identity and future target audiences. They’re inspiring new riders with cool and modern products all while making it easier for more people to buy a Harley. 

Here’s our quick run-down of the exciting new models you can expect to see from Harley-Davidson.

The LiveWire

Release date: Late 2020 (Australian release)

Hype for the LiveWire has slowly gained momentum since it was first announced back in 2018. This model of the future will feature a high-voltage battery composed of lithium-ion cells encased in a cast aluminium housing. 

The permanent magnet electric motor will enable riders to reach 100 per cent of its torque instantly. The powerful motor of the LiveWire will be located below the battery to provide a lower centre of gravity for easier handling.

An impressive 10.9cm, full-colour touchscreen will be incorporated in the dashboard. Riders will be able to see their speed, range, and battery status. The screen will also be able to display navigation and alert information.

Harley Davidson will also be following up the LiveWire electric motorcycle with a number of smaller electric machines that are intended for sale in emerging markets.

The Street Fighter

Release date: Late 2020 (Australian release)

This beast of a bike will be a naked 975cc Streetfighter and is due for release towards the end of 2020. The Streetfighter will feature a water-cooled V-twin Harley engine. The very same one you’ve seen on models like the Pan America adventure bike. 

The Streetfighter will feature a stubby and rigid-looking swing arm. We assume this type of swing arm will offer boosted maneuverability and reliable rear grip for fast-paced rides. The suspension will feature an inverted fork and a vertically mounted shock absorber.

The breaking setup will feature stainless steel brake lines and opposed-piston callipers for the rear wheel. Unlike most bikes in its class, you’ll find a final belt drive instead of a chain/sprocket model

The Pan America

Release date: Late 2020 (Australian release)

Harley-Davidson has continued to remain tight-lipped about the details of this bike for years now. Given it’s still slated for a 2020 release, we imagine it won’t be too much longer until we get a full picture of all features.

From what’s been released so far, there are some basic features we can discuss here. The Pan America will feature a new liquid-cooled 45 degree, 1250cc, V-Twin engine. The model will also feature a six-speed gearbox that will transfer power to the rear with a chain drive. 

Radially mounted callipers will be installed in a Brembo configuration. Paired with the callipers will be a pair of off-road oriented Michelin Anakee tubeless tyres. 

This article has been written by Harley Heaven, a leading, certified supplier of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

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