How Fat Burners Work and When to Take Them

How Fat Burners Work and When to Take Them


How Fat Burners Work and When to Take Them


What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are dietary support supplements, used to support your body’s natural fat-burning processes. Choosing the right fat burner can be frustrating if you are not clear on your goals. 

Fat burners are a great addition to add to your stack if you are looking to strip extra fat and get really lean through nutrition, in addition to optimizing your workout routine.  

They won’t do the work for you, however, so keep reading to learn how you can transform yourself and your workout by incorporating our favorite fasting-state fat burning supplement, Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner into your routine.

Why Are Fat Burners Useful?

Taking fat burners to promote fat loss is nothing new, and there are dozens of such supplements on the market.  However, there can be a downside to taking lower quality formulas. Typically, many low-quality fat burners promote fat loss through thermogenesis (raising the temperature of the body to encourage fat burning) by adding stimulants, which increases adrenal function.

Although this does help to increase calorie burn, the payoff can include ramping up your heart rate to unacceptable levels and increasing the potential for cardiovascular and adrenal issues.

If you’re taking multiple supplements, always make sure those you choose to stack work together synergistically.  You don’t want to overload your system with the same nutrients in multiple supplements. For example, if you’re going to take a pre-workout supplement and a fat burner, make sure they run off different active ingredients.  If they both rely on caffeine, you will find yourself in jitter-city.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

High-quality fat burning supplements, on the other hand, incorporate fat-oxidizing compounds into their formulas, promoting fat loss through natural metabolic processes as opposed to ramping you up on caffeine.  

These supplements may also include natural stimulants too, such as capsaicin, but they will generally be much gentler on your body. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is one such caffeine-free fat burner… more on that shortly!

When is the Best Time to Take Fat Burners?

Remember, fat burning supplements aren’t miracle pills. They will only work as hard as you do; if you choose not to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise, for instance, they’re going to have limited benefit and you’re probably best not wasting your money.

Many people recommend taking fat burners when you first wake up in the morning, at least 30-40 minutes before breakfast, in order to kickstart your metabolism. This is ideal if you plan to exercise shortly afterwards. Otherwise, it’s advisable to take fat burner supplements 15 minutes prior to training, in order to maximise their fat-burning action and give you added energy. 

This is especially true in the case of Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner, whose main ingredient HMB helps to prolong workout endurance. Because your body is ideally in a fasted state when taking these capsules too, it should absorb more of the supplement, explaining why there is no need for more than one large serving (2-4 capsules) per day.

What Risks Are There in Taking Fat Burners?

The main risk of using many fat burners on the market – aside from the stimulant issue mentioned above – is that they not only promote fat loss but may also encourage muscle-loss too. This is especially true when training in a ‘fasted state’, a mechanism which accelerates both fat breakdown and metabolism of fat storage – but potentially, the degradation of lean muscle mass.  

The last thing you want to do, of course, when dieting is to lose muscle, which not only helps you to look toned but encourages further calorie burn as well. 

Introducing the Solution…

Our Favorite Fat Burner – Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner.

Performance Lab has brought to market an ingenious fat-burner that solves many of the problems associated with similar competitor supplements.  Its competitive edge is that not only does it support healthy weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime, but it is specifically optimized to support fat loss AND preserve lean muscle mass, during fasted training.  

It is suggested that more fat is burned by the body during exercise done on an empty stomach.  It has also been shown that stubborn fat around the male abdomen and female posterior and hips is preferentially burned this way, due to lower blood insulin levels in the fasting state.

Training whilst in a fasted state, however, may reduce exercise intensity and increase muscle and protein degradation. But Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner has produced a formula that maximizes results whilst minimizing potential fasted training issues. (It should be noted that healthcare provider supervision is recommended when engaging in fasted training)

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Ingredients

HMB (ß-hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate), 1000mg

HMB – a metabolite of the Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), leucine (known to slow muscle breakdown), – helps to spare lean muscle mass in multiple ways. Considered to be 20 times as strong as leucine alone, HMB aids fasted training by:

-Neutralizing enzymes that trigger muscle damage when training in the fasted state.

-Delaying the onset of lactic acid, which typically causes muscles to become fatigued.

-Increasing protein synthesis to promote muscle growth. (Though it’s fair to say that HMB is more of an anti-catabolism agent than an anabolic one, meaning it preserves muscle more effectively than it builds it).

-Encouraging the use of stored fat for energy, rather than muscle.

Coleus Forskohlii (as Forslean®), 250 mg

Another featured ingredient of Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is Forskolin, the premium bioactive ingredient in the Ayurvedic herb Coleus Forskohlii.

This ancient root herb works to activate the cAMP enzyme (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) within the cells, which acts on body composition in the following ways:-

-By regulating thermogenesis, metabolism, muscle growth, testosterone levels along with thyroid hormone.

-By encouraging the breakdown of body fat via activation of kinase, an enzyme protein.

In short, Coleus Forskohlii supports peak metabolic function and helps to minimize body fat while preserving muscle growth. It does the latter in a different way to HMB, making the two substances complementary.

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner uses the patented form of Coleus Forskohlii, Forslean. Several clinics trials, such as this one from the University of Kansas, have linked Forslean supplementation with reduced body fat, a significant increase in lean body mass and bone mass as well as an increase in serum free testosterone levels (when taken by obese or overweight men).

This is a game changer in the Fat Burner supplement industry as most supplements do not spare muscle, which is actively lost along with fat burned.

Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax®) 50mg

The active ingredients in cayenne pepper, responsible for its fat burning activity, are called ‘capsaicinoids’.  Among other things, this traditional fat burning ingredient activates the adrenal glands, releasing the ‘fat burning hormones’, epinephrine and norepinephrine. 

These hormones help to trigger thermogenesis and maximize the number of calories burned through exercise. Capsaicin also encourages fat breakdown.

Capsaicin does not cause side effects, such as raised heart rate or blood pressure, like many other formulas that include stimulants.

Black Pepper Extract (as BioPerine) 2.5 mg

Another fat burning ingredient in Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is Piperine, the active ingredient in Black Pepper.  A little goes a long way with this substance, thanks to its ability to enhance the absorption of all other ingredients in the formula. BioPerine is also a fat burning ingredient in its own right, contributing to thermogenesis. 

GTF Chromium (NutriGenesis™), 60mcg

Chromium is a mineral needed by the body in small amounts. The GTF in this version signifies that it is part of a compound in the body known as the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). As the name implies, GTF chromium helps to regulate blood sugars by transporting glucose into the cells where it can be used for energy and may help to curb cravings. The version used in Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is made using NutriGenesis™, a production process where nutrients are grown in the lab on cultures complete with the same co-factors, enzymes and probiotics that are found in nature, helping to produce a nature-identical nutrient.

Why Choose Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner?

As with all Performance Lab products, the Fat Burner is designed with ‘performance’ in mind.  It benefits from a super-clean formula, made with cutting-edge, pure and potent, clinically proven, evidence-backed ingredients.

When choosing between Fat Burners, the key USP to note between Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner and others on the market is that it is specifically designed to spare muscle, whilst supporting fat loss, during exercise in the fasted state.  

In addition:

-It can be used during fasted and non-fasted training

-It stimulates fat burning hormones

-It helps regulate blood sugar

-It regulates appetite

-It’s helpful in burning more calories than just exercise alone

-It optimizes hormones that drive muscle growth and metabolism

-It boosts energy levels during exercise

-It’s healthy for daily use, with no need to cycle.

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is also suitable for vegans and is one of the cleanest formulas you’ll find on the market today. It contains no GMO, soy, gluten or other key allergens, and no synthetic additives either. It is made in an FDA-approved and cGMP registered facility. 

It comes from trusted manufacturer, Opti-Nutra, who brought us the lauded Mind Lab Pro nootropic. 

Also, Worth Noting….

All Performance Lab products are formulated to be used safely in conjunction with each other.   Two other supplements that stack well with Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner are Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Workout and Performance Lab Energy, which can be taken 45-60 minutes prior to training.   

Pre-Workout is designed to prime muscles prior to high intensity training.  Performance Lab Energy provides advanced mitochondrial support for added energy production – essentially boosting energy at the cellular level.  

Performance Lab SPORT BCAA can also be safely taken mid or post-workout to avoid breaking your fast.  BCAA is an ideal foundational sports nutrition supplement to support muscle strength and development.

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