The MLB All-Star Game doesn't matter

The MLB All-Star Game doesn't matter


The MLB All-Star Game doesn't matter


I think that is a good reminder, and I’ve had to tell myself that several times. The Twins, with the third best record in baseball, ended up getting one fewer All Star than the Chicago White Sox, who are presently 13 games back of the Twins. But it doesn’t matter, right?

The All Star Game rosters were announced yesterday, and in addition to Jorge Polanco, Jake Odorizzi was named to the all star game. And that’s it. Oh, sure, the powers that be felt that the White Sox deserved three players: Lucas Giolito, James McCann and Jose Abreu, but the Twins? Nope. just Polanco and Odorizzi.

CJ Cron and Nelson Cruz bring all that Abreu does to the table as well, but neither of them made it. Eddie Rosario was a finalist for a spot, and Max Kepler has been even better than him, but neither made it. Jose Berrios is 8-4 wit ha 2.89 ERA this season. He didn’t make it.

The Twins have the third best record in all of baseball, and they have at least 7 solid candidates to participate in an All Star Game. They sit between the Yankees and Astros for top record in the game. The Yankees have 3 players in the game, the Astros have 6. The Twins have articles written about their one starter not deserving the spot.

But hey, it’s an exhibition, right? It doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m telling myself. Time off to come back better and stronger and maybe even a bit angrier.

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