7 Secrets to Find Cool T-Shirt Design Ideas

7 Secrets to Find Cool T-Shirt Design Ideas


7 Secrets to Find Cool T-Shirt Design Ideas


There are plenty of t-shirt designing companies out there in the market. How do you stand out? How do you come up with a new idea that goes viral? Sometimes, a design that looks great to you doesn’t please your customers enough to buy it. 

Without proper market research and target audience, you might waste a lot of time as well as money in creating a merchandise that doesn’t sell. In order to avoid this situation, we have created a list of hacks that will help you find cool t shirts for man design ideas. 

Top 7 Secrets to find Cool T-shirt Design Ideas

  • Read the News and What’s Trending: News is one of the best sources of information. You can use the information to make marketable t-shirts. Trending posts are more likely to create a good impression when it is printed on a tee. Avoid printing controversial topics on the tee as it may hamper your brand reputation. Ensure that the trending topic has created a hype in your market and target audience as it will increase the chances of your tees being sold. 
  • Know what your target market’s Up to:You need to keep an eye on your target market. What they are doing? Which event they’re going? Understand their emotions. You can use feedback forms to get an idea on what they would love to wear. Instead of making shirts just like any other t-shirt printing company, use different designs and use information you know about the event or your target market while creating tees. 
  • Research on what works and focus on improving it: Check out the t-shirts your competitors are selling (only the ones that sell really well). No, it is not cheating, it is just a design hack. Get inspired by the designs and don’t replicate the design. You can improvise those designs and put your own vision in it. Show your design as well as your competitor’s design from which you took inspiration to different people and ask them if it looks copied. If yes, delete that design immediately. 
  • Use Wit in your Designs: Being funny is an art not everyone can master. Making your target audience laugh is one of the best ways to create cool and marketable tees. Funny t-shirts increase engagement, as a result, the person wearing it starts feeling good about themselves. Also, it increases the chances of your brand being spread online. You can get ideas by reading jokes and infographics. Mold the joke to target your audience in a better way instead of copying the catchphrase directly.
  • Offer Customized T-shirt Designs: Everyone loves customized t-shirts for the reason that it makes them stand out of the crowd. When you offer customized t-shirts, your customer sends their own design. From their name to actual design, you will get everything. Use these designs as an inspiration and create a unique design of your own. This way you will also get an idea of what type of design your target market loves and you can increase your sales by creating something like that. 
  • Use Quotes or Text that tickle your Market’s fancy: Quotes are something that everyone loves to read and will never go out of style. Do market research about what your customers would love to see on a tee. Most of the times trending quotes printed on a tee sells like hotcakes. Apart from finding a good quote you also need to focus on other things such as right word count, the potential for grabbing attention, figuring out the right font, colors, and spacing. 
  • Do Mash-Ups: Combine ideas from two or more sources. You can also mix two things that your target audience wants to be combined. For example, if your t-shirt design covers pet lovers, think of two things that pet lovers are interested in. Put on your creative hat and come up with a new design that everyone will love. You can also mix two trending quotes only if they sound good together. 


Finding a new idea for a t-shirt would be difficult as there are plenty of companies doing the same. Instead of looking for new ideas, try to improvise already existing ideas. Another benefit of this is you already know how a design is performing and this way you will be sure that people will buy your new design. Keep an eye on what’s trending and what your target audience is looking for whenever creating a new design. It will help you sell more t-shirts. 

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