Everything You Should Know About Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Everything You Should Know About Plastic Surgery in Thailand


Everything You Should Know About Plastic Surgery in Thailand


Today, lots of changes have seen people move more freely than in the past. This gives you more options as you consider getting cosmetic surgery abroad to fix some physical imperfection. Also, there are several countries that are top on the cosmetic surgery list like Brazil and Malaysia. However, Thailand is certainly worth your consideration. We have reached out to the team at Lotus Medical to discuss why Thailand is such a popular hot spot for cosmetic surgery procedures. Lotus Medical provides premium cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in Thailand.

Why Thailand?

You could be wondering, “why Thailand? Well, though it is home to delicious Thai food, beautiful islands, and amazing temples, the country is also a really good destination for cosmetic plastic surgery.  

Here’s why:

Thailand is famous for providing a variety of surgeries and procedures done by doctors who have trained in the Western nations. Besides offering high-quality health care, most doctors speak fluent English.

While Cosmetic plastic surgery isn’t new in Thailand, this country is known to offer these medical procedures at their high-quality health facilities. Also, Phuket is famous for its wide variety of cosmetic surgery at its large hospitals and specialty clinics.

Millions of tourists from across the globe mainly go to Thailand for cosmetic surgery tourism. For instance, about 15,000 Australian nationals visit Thailand each year purposely for their inexpensive plastic surgery solutions.

Thailand’s health system is renown for its being advanced and affordable. This makes it very appealing to many medical tourists. Patients can potentially save thousands when they choose to undergo their surgery abroad.

As a popular plastic surgery destination. most hospitals in Thailand are licensed by the Joint Commission International, an organisation which promotes strict health care standards in more than 90 nations. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

For those who are considering a procedure, cosmetic surgery is a possible option, and some of its benefits include:

Cures Physical Defects

This can be beneficial for individuals who might have physical defects due to traumatic injury, accident or as a result of developmental abnormalities or genetic defects. Such physical deformities might affect an individual’s day-to-day life and could lead to severe medical problems. Cosmetic plastic surgery is used to correct birth defects such as ear deformities, nasal blockages, cleft lips or effects of traumatic events such as animal bites and burns.

Improves Self- Esteem

A major benefit of cosmetic surgery is it helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of patients. Thereby boosting their self-confidence. Also, it helps patients love and accept their own bodies. Thus it tends to offer a positive overall effect on their attitude and personalities.

Promotes Health

Popular procedures in Thailand like liposuction and tummy tucks are aimed for patients who wish to have weight reduction. These surgeries help patients to not only cut down their weight but they offer a permanent solution to various health-related issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Likewise, breast reduction surgery is a viable option for women suffering from severe back pain resulting from very heavy/large breasts. After receiving such procedures, patients tend to have a positive outlook and feel better about their bodies. In turn, this motivates them to adopt healthier lifestyles through regular exercise and diet control.

Provides a Youthful Look

Cosmetic surgeries are extremely helpful in curing and preventing signs of ageing, in both younger and older women. A common procedure among the younger age groups is skin resurfacing which helps fight early signs of ageing like facial wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, and sun spots.

These surgeries tighten sagging skin, reducing frown lines and creases, and get rid of excess fat to ultimately offer patients a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Plastic surgery can be more affordable Abroad

Whether you prefer not to deal with being on long waiting lists or local plastic surgeons charging very high prices, going abroad might be an ideal solution for you. The key here is finding the right doctor and a facility that has the proper accreditation and their price is right for you. And being one of the top medical tourist destinations, Thailand offers you both.

Thai hospitals, as well as other medical facilities, provide a wide range of cosmetic surgery solutions, like facelifts, arm lifts, chin augmentations, neck lifts, tummy tucks, breast implants, brow lifts, hair transplants, and dental work. Meaning you can get any improvement you need on your body from a medical team that understands the latest techniques and tools to offer you the best results.

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