Pump muscle but don't forget about brains!

Pump muscle but don't forget about brains!


Pump muscle but don't forget about brains!


Did you know that the brain is a muscle? Many people aren’t aware of the mind muscle connection that we have! For student athletes, the connection between mind and muscle is particularly important. Combining sports and academics can be hard. Even with help such as free essay checking, keeping things in mind and muscle in balance can be quite difficult. But it is possible! You can exercise your “mind muscle.” It just takes a little effort!

Get Organized!

One of the first things any student athlete has to do in order to maintain a perfect balance is to get organized. While it might not seem like such a big deal, knowing where everything is and when things need to be done makes it much easier to actually accomplish everything. You’ll be able to make the best use of your time, even if your schedule is tightly packed.

Take Advantage of the Little Times

For most athletes and students, there are a lot of “little times”:  A little time after lunch, a little time on the drive to the game. Make use of them. Study while you’re on your way. Do jumping jacks while you’re walking your dog. You can get a lot more done if you lose the idea that you need a half-hour block of time to accomplish something.

Exercise Early, Exercise Late

For most, the best time to study is when you’re awake. At the same time, exercising in the morning as well as at night have been shown to both wake you up and wind you down. That means that it’s best not to put off studying until the early morning hours and late at night. Instead, use those times for the exercise that you need. Early morning activities are particularly effective at waking you up!

Ask for Help

Everyone needs help sometimes. People with busy schedules need it more than anyone. Whether you’re looking for a classmate to help you check for plagiarism or simply need to know where to find free essays, reach out. Even if they don’t help you find a site or check for plagiarism, they might know somebody who can. You’ll never be sure unless you give it a shot. The most they can do is say no to an essay check, right?

Never Fall Behind

When you have a busy schedule full of exercise, athletics, and schoolwork, the last thing that you want is to fall behind. If you do, you’ll likely never catch back up! So don’t allow laziness to win. Make sure that you do what needs to be done in the time that you’ve allotted for it. Whatever you do, do not procrastinate. That will make things more stressful than if you’d just done it in the first place.

What’s More Important?

There’s going to be a period when you have to decide what’s more important:  Sports or school. It might not be a big, dramatic thing: Maybe you need to study for a big test while you should also be training a little extra for a game. Whatever the case, know that academics are to come first for every student athlete. And, while resources such as free essays online can help you, you really have to be willing to put your studies first on the list.

To sum up, it’s possible to build up a good mind muscle along with the rest of your muscles! Balancing school and sports isn’t always easy. However, for those who love being athletes and want to learn, it’s something worth striving for.

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