Round2 simplifies how to buy and sell sports gear

Round2 simplifies how to buy and sell sports gear

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Round2 simplifies how to buy and sell sports gear


A rite of passage for baseball players is to have way too much gear in your basement that you don’t use anymore. Instead of having it continue to collect dust, why not let someone else benefit from it?

That’s Round2‘s mission — this company was founded by athletes with the goal of helping other athletes get what they need to be successful on the field.

There’s a clear benefit for both the athletes with all the old equipment, along with those who could really use it. Round2 provides an opportunity to recoup some value on high-quality equipment and other essentials, as well as freeing up some space in your basement.

Excuse me while I grab all the old baseball bats, gloves, and bags I’ve accumulated over the years and thought there was nothing I could do with them.

The benefit for athletes looking for new gear? Everything that goes up on Round2’s website will be available to purchase at a fraction of the retail price. If you’re a long-time ballplayer or want to give the sport a try without dropping hundreds of dollars on a glove, bat, batting gloves, and spikes, you’ll benefit from this. This is even perfect for teenage athletes who are on the lookout for high-quality yet affordable youth baseball bats.

Every item is eligible for cash back, which means you pay even less!

That sounds like a win-win if you ask me. I’m not sure if you’re asking me, but I’ll just say it anyway. Round2 also has two specific programs you should know more about, too: their Storefront program and Schoolyard program.

The Storefront Program

The goal of Round2’s Storefront program is to provide sellers an online presence in what’s becoming an increasingly more competitive digital world.

The biggest benefit here is you’re joining a community that has customers who are ready to purchase sports equipment — your gear will get more looks than ever before. And if marketing isn’t your thing, that’s OK because Round2 is constantly putting together campaigns to attract more users, which will obviously help your specific store. There is also a dashboard that allows sellers the opportunity to generate more sales in an efficient manner.

Are you having some kind of problem? There is also 24/7 support available, so you’re never alone, which is comforting to know.

The Schoolyard Program

The goal of Round2’s Schoolyard program is to provide an avenue for student-athletes to give back to their respective schools. How exactly does that happen? Well, Schoolyard accounts retain a portion of the revenue generated any time one of their students buys or sells gear on Round2.

That’s an easy way to fundraise for whatever the athletic program needs.

Every school’s athletic department also has this same problem: they were fortunate enough to buy new equipment or apparel for their baseball team and have to either take up valuable storage space at the school with old equipment or simply throw out perfectly useful resources they just no longer have a need for.

Creating a Schoolyard account helps clear up space in school closets, prevents them from getting put in the trash, raises money for their own program, and makes the dreams of other ballplayers come true. It can’t get much better than that.

How to Follow Round2

If I’ve successfully convinced you to get started with Round2 in some way, there are a few ways to follow them as they revolutionize how athletes get high-quality equipment and apparel.

To simply sign up for an account, start here by registering your email address. They’re also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you enjoy seeing a newsfeed full of beautiful gloves, spikes, batting gloves and more, then you should hit the follow button immediately.

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