Gtramp Continues to Fire in 2019

Gtramp Continues to Fire in 2019


Gtramp Continues to Fire in 2019


Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of Gtramping before. While growing significantly in the past few years, especially to the thanks of social platforms like Instagram, Gtramp draws a combination of freestyle acrobatics, flips and parkour like movements.

While this type of trampolining acrobatics isn’t new, Gtramp, otherwise known as ‘garden trampoline’ takes it the next level. Backyard trampolines are now easily available over trampoline park trips, allowing Gtramp to quickly become a soaring trend for teens.

What makes Gtramping such an appealing aspect is its free-flowing nature. It embodies a level of edginess that has appealed to younger generations for decades. From skateboarding to parkour, Gtramp exemplifies a ‘watch me do this’ style of viewing entertainment, as teenage boys and girls film themselves ‘tricking out’ for social media.

One has to only look at how Gtramp has grown on Instagram over the last few years with the #gtramp hashtag displaying more than 100,000 posts alone. These hardcore flippers are not only here to show of their thrilling skills, but also help inspire fellow users to get on into the action.

But with any extreme version of a sport Gtramp can come with some inherit risks. Safety is paramount to those who participate, and they take their training seriously. When you flip, twist and put your body in unusual positions it’s only natural there may be some dangerous situations, which is why trampolines with safety netting for practice is a must.

The most common injuries resulting from Gtramp are sprains and fractures. But there have been reports of more serious injuries as well. It’s a serious reminder that Gtramp is a specialized activity and requires proper warm up, training and safety precauitions.

If you (or your kids) are interested in giving flipping a go, it’s important to know that Gtramp is a highly specialized sport that requires training, practice, and safety safeguards.

However, with the proper precautions what some of these kids do on a trampoline is awe-inspiring.

And some aren’t just gtramping for the love of it. No, there is a bigger dream, the goal of competing at the International GT Games.

Hosted in the USA, Europe and more recently New Zealand in year, the world’s top #gtramp athletes are invited to compete for one of the top 50 spots in the games to prove they are the best.

The GT Games are an important stepping stone for raising recognition for of the sport, as well as raising safety standards and practices.  

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