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Beckham Jr. and Mahomes Show Off Their Arm Strength

This time of year is all about two things for NFL players and fans — vacations, and videos of footballers showing off their arm strength going viral on social media.

Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is a generational talent, and he can not only haul in passes that are thrown away anywhere near his radius, but he can also hurl the football quite far as well. With the acquisition of Beckham Jr., the Browns have transformed from an NFL laughinstock into a team that many are betting on to win the AFC North at the gamble-USA site.

We recently learned this after watching a video of him working out, which recently went viral. It showed OBJ casually throwing a football nearly the entire length of a football field, much to the amazement of those that were around him.

“That was the whole field!” one guy remarked.


Mahomes one-upped him just a few days later. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes showed just how strong his arm is, as he prepares to begin working out at training camp with his team.

Check out how he uncorked an absolute bomb — throwing a football out of Arrowhead Stadium.

That ball still hasn’t landed yet.

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