4 Tips to Having You Looking Your Best On the Golf Course

4 Tips to Having You Looking Your Best On the Golf Course


4 Tips to Having You Looking Your Best On the Golf Course


Golf has long been referred to as a gentlemen’s sport and as such, there is a strict dress code related to it. Much like tennis and cricket, you can’t go out in whatever outfit you want and think that it will be socially acceptable. This doesn’t mean that golf is restricting and that you should be overly concerned about it — but why not look good when it is so easy? There are many golf fashion icons that you can look up to like Camilo Villegas or Arnold Palmer, who both put in a lot of effort for their on-course presentation.

While you should look your best, golfing clothes are not something that you should necessarily splurge on. Your main focus should always be on clubs and balls, and then spend whatever is left on golf gloves and clothes. Our best piece of advice is that instead of visiting retail stores, look for offers online. You can go here and check out some of the best stores that offer premium golfing clothes. 

As mentioned above, a golf clothing combination shouldn’t be anything too fancy. It should be elegant and traditional, with the accents of modern. In order to help you, we came up with 4 tips to have you looking your best on the golf course.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone and Enjoy Yourself

The first and main tip is to step out of your comfort zone and go for a combination that will make you feel relaxed while looking good. The fact that you are on a golf course shouldn’t make you all stiff and alienated. In order to prevent this, you should go for a clothing combination that will showcase the best version of yourself. 

What this means is that even if it doesn’t fit the mainstream standards, if you think there is room for you to pull it off, go for it! Whether it is accenting the dark and neutral tones, a bright red shirt, or wearing a full-on beige set, enjoy it. Just remember to make sure you can still swing your clubs in the outfit.

The Standard Dress Code

Before we suggest a few clothing combinations for both the winter and summer season, it is important to consider the standard dress code related to playing golf. The first and main principle is to wear some kind of a dress shirt. Whether it is a collared polo or a regular dress shirt, this leaves no room for V-necks and casual shirts that you would wear on a beach. Also, don’t even think about dressing yourself in gym wear. 

Along with this, denim is not a common thing on a golf course, as khakis seem to do a great job when it comes to your pants. Shorts are acceptable, as long as they are no more than 3 inches above the knee. As for shoes, you should invest in proper golf shoes that don’t have metal spikes. Last but not least, a sunny day requires head protection and there is nothing better than wearing a flat cap. 

Look Your Best During the Summer Season

While summer comes with the optimal golf playing conditions, it carries a lot of hotter days as well which means you need to go for an overall lighter clothing combination. The perfect example of a smart summer outfit is a blue striped cotton dress shirt, grey/white khakis, golf shoes, white socks, and white gloves. If you are looking to achieve more of a casual summer look, you can pull off a navy blue polo shirt and shorts, accompanied by white-blue oxford golf shoes and gloves.

Look Your Best During the Winter Season

Cotton is the perfect material for winter as it will keep you warm and dry. As for a smart winter combination, we would recommend wearing a polo shirt accompanied by a navy blue zip sweater, grey bottoms, and white golf shoes accented with navy blue stripes (along with your white golf gloves, of course). Just be sure that your outfit is neither too loose or too tight as both can have an impact on your playing style.


Playing golf does come with a certain dress code. While you don’t have to follow it to every last principle, it gives good guidance on how you should look on a golf course. We came up with a few casual and elegant clothing combinations that will have you looking your best. Now, it is time that you combine these tips with your style, and rock that course.


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