Differences Between Online Casinos And Sports Betting

Differences Between Online Casinos And Sports Betting


Differences Between Online Casinos And Sports Betting


There is a lot of excitement when you make a bet and unexpected events happen, however, you’ll always end with two possible results: you might win big or lose your initial investment.

There are many ways and games that involve betting, each one with its own rules, odds and even strategies. An online casino gives us slots, roulettes and card games like blackjack and baccarat.  One great example of this can be seen at Fun88 Viet Nam. Sports bookies offer the chance to bet on the outcome of a particular event: horses, football, even videogames.

Casino and sports betting have their common points and differences, and no matter if you are a stats geek or like to gamble for fun, we made this post to help pick what type of gambling site suits you better.



Both casino and sportsbooks attract clients by offering bonuses on their deposits, free bets and even their personal VIP treatment to keep players gambling on their sites. Online gambling is a multibillionaire business and a very competitive one, so the best way for companies to keep the money flowing is by pampering customers. To claim these benefits players must accomplish certain wagers or conditions so is advisable to read well all terms and conditions.

Bet Limits

The house always wins, and they do that by limiting the maximum bets size on their games to avoid giving players a higher winning chance by doubling the bet size. This is why the martingale system (doubling a bet until you win) turns out ineffective. Sportsbooks do the same to protect their profits, by limiting bets according to their historical trends and customer mix adjusting those limits on the run.

Serious Strategy

If you consider having an income from gambling you need proper strategies for each game or event with ironclad bankroll management. This means investing a good amount of time studying statistical trends and many trial and errors before developing a winning strategy. Mental strength is equally important, in order to manage winning streaks or downswings which are the pitfall for many players and leads us to the next point,

Risk of Compulsive Gambling Behavior

Some may call it chasing losses, but excessive gambling leads to act in a compulsive and irresponsible way regardless of the collateral damages it can cause to our finances and social circles. Like drinking, gambling is enjoyable but is always advisable to set yourself a limit or even register at self-exclusion tool before going to gaming operator or sports betting website that operates for international players.


Odds Predictability

Online casinos (and their brick-and-mortar counterparts) use Random Numeric Generator software on their games with fixed edges (usually one to four percent) to keep odds almost unpredictable, and no matter how much money they appear to lose, on the long run, casinos always have it back.

Sports betting allow players to be on a more fairground as odds are based on the results of historical events and these results are related. Edge is built more easily by a thoughtful study of trends and past records, yet it can go back and forth as anything can happen on every sporting event.


Sportsbooks rely on jackpots for promotion purposes, as they give big prizes for those who accurately hit a very improbable event, which is also known as proposition bets. If a player or pool of them accomplishes one of these proposition bets, the booker can get in financial distress.

For casinos, jackpots are their bread and butter. Almost every casino game has more than one, being very featured the progressive jackpots where every bet feeds the jackpot which can grow up to millions until the happy winner gets it all and the cycle starts again.


Time is the bigger difference between Sportsbooks and online casinos. Sportsbooks depend exclusively on scheduled sports events in order to allow its customers to make a bet. Online casinos, however, are available 24/7. Players can go to their favorite and play regardless of location and hour when they want.

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