Redskins to reduce 2019 salary for a number of veterans on roster

Redskins to reduce 2019 salary for a number of veterans on roster


Redskins to reduce 2019 salary for a number of veterans on roster


Six Washington Redskins veterans did not set a great example for the team this offseason.

The Washington Redskins organization hasn’t had the best reputation over the years — especially in recent time. Many signs point to the Redskins being a mysterious organization for players to play for, and some recent activity (or inactivity) further prove that maybe their locker room isn’t in the best shape.

Last month, the Redskins wrapped up the OTAs and mandatory minicamp phase of the offseason. The Redskins had a few players who decided not to show up. Now, that’s nothing new in the NFL.

Almost every team has a player or two who doesn’t show up for the voluntary phases of the offseason, and there’s always a veteran in search of a new contract who skips the mandatory portion as well.

However, the Redskins had quite a few guys decide they weren’t going to show up for the mandatory phase of the offseason, further causing issues within the organization. According to ESPN Insider Field Yates, the Redskins will have to reduce the salaries of six players for the 2019 offseason due to their absence this past spring.

The first name that stands out here is Trent Williams. It’s unclear if Williams is going to play for the Skins’ in 2019 or not, but the veteran has expressed his frustrations with the team. There’s no word on what’s going to happen between both parties yet, but seeing Williams absence is far from shocking.

Another name that stands out here is safety, Landon Collins. The Pro Bowl safety happens to be the Redskins most significant acquisition from the Free Agency period from the New York Giants. Clearly, we know the two main reasons why Collins signed with the Redskins.

One, because they offered a boatload of money. Two, because he can get revenge on the Giants twice a year. It all makes sense, but skipping his first phase of workouts with the team wasn’t the greatest look.

Do the Redskins have a real problem within the locker room? It sure seems like it. When a front office is forced to reduce six different veteran players salaries for failing to meet contractual expectations, it is never a good look. And once again, the Redskins seem to have more issues on their hands.

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