The Rise of Nourdine Hmaimou – An Inspirational Story everyone should know

The Rise of Nourdine Hmaimou – An Inspirational Story everyone should know


The Rise of Nourdine Hmaimou – An Inspirational Story everyone should know


There are several true-life inspirational strolling across the world which hardly reaches us. In recent time, I came across one such story which ignited the long-lost passion inside me. Building a career in any type of sports is a tough task, especially in football. Since it demands top-level fitness with effective skills. People who have played the game regularly from childhood is aware of the competitive nature. Despite that, there are many football players who shine bright. One such player is Nourdine Hmaimou of United Kingdom. The Hendon F.C. champion has tasted success at a young age. He was passionate about the sport since childhood and always dreamed of watching himself compete against the best players at the international stage. But nothing comes easy. Nourdine had to hustle and struggle a lot to achieve the position he is in today. As a kid, Nourdine was never more hooked to soccer than studies. He went on a detour during his school life. He went to primary school in Culloden Primary School, then for secondary he attended Langdon Park school. At present he is a student of UCFB, studying a three-year course on Football coaching and management. 

From a passionate kid to a professional player. 

Despite his unhindered focus, he faced failure at his early stage. He started at the age of 10 with a brief tenure of two years with West Ham Development. He then tried his luck in Sporting Bengal Academy under the management of retired English football player Anwar Uddin. Hmaimou then moved to Senrab FC, the same Sunday league team, which was once represented by players like John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, and Frank Lampard during their initial days. Nourdine was only 15 years old when he participated in trials at Charlton, Stevenage, Barnet and Sutton United but didn’t come out with satisfactory results. 

However, this was not enough to demotivate him. He held on to his nerves and kept trying. The attacking midfielder was next signed by Wealdstone FC whilst he was playing for Sunday League team Aberfeldy FC. His hard work finally paid off when he was signed by Hendon FC at the age of 17. It was a turning point for his career as he got an opportunity to train with the national team at U 18 level. Soon he emerged with a cult fan following because of his tactical abilities, agility, speed, flexibility, and skills. His potential was finally noticed by fans and teammates alike. 

Hendon’s manager Gary McCann has described the starlet as an enthusiastic gem on the field. His never give up attitude and a strong built is an advantage for him. Gary has quoted “There is no Garbo! There is no Xavier! There is only Nourdine Hmaimou!” The established goalkeeper further quoted “Nourdine has the required acumen in the footballing process. He is the perfect incarnation of all that is football with unparalleled simplicity and naturalness. His talent is so pure that it becomes invisible.” 

The left-footed midfielder is a crucial player for the team. His ability to operate on both flanks creates an impact on the team’s game. He has a knack of learning new things. He is swift with the ball and can play with the ball out from the back, which is often demanded from all the professional players. 

Through the thick and thin of his career, he has maintained to show his gratitude towards his well-wishers. He has quoted that it was his teachers and close friends whose support and faith kept him going. His teacher and mentor, a renowned professional volleyball player, Yassir Sliti who backed him to captain the college football team. Nourdine believes that Football as a game binds everyone with emotion and develops a sense of healthy competition. 

Nourdine’s future endeavour. 

Nourdine Hmaimou’s professional journey until now consists of 49 goals with only 27 assists. He aims to continue as a professional player and aspires to play for top clubs. The talented player is also looking forward to striking a deal with ISL too. He considers ISL as a perfect stage to accomplish himself and encourage youngsters to choose football as a career. He wants to spread his romanticism with football and therefore, is molding himself as a true inspiration. He is ready to go to any extent to sharpen his skill and emerge as the best in the field. 

Nourdine is also keen about coaching as he has the required domain expertise and knowledge. He makes sure to manage time fro his hectic training schedule to teach young players. Currently, he is twenty years old with a bright future ahead of him. I am sure it’s just a matter of time that Nourdine Hmaimou becomes a household name. 

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