Deja Brutal

Deja Brutal


Deja Brutal


Now you know why I said that last night’s 16 inning loss barely registers on the Benitez scale … because there’s always a worse one just around the corner.

I went back to look at the last time this happened … the last time Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith miscommunicated on a fly ball that scored the winning run for the Giants in extra innings. I wrote a lot of words. I analyzed why the Mets continue to put infielders in the outfield. I bemoaned Pete Alonso being in the minors. I tried to make sense of it, and I was angry in the process.

Now? I just don’t care to dissect anything. It happened again.

The Mets lost. Doesn’t matter whose fault it is anymore. Smith hadn’t killed the Mets in left field until tonight. The Mets still can’t score. Jacob Rhame keeps getting burned by walking the leadoff hitter. Todd Frazier will probably be traded for Jacob Rhame The Sequel. Jacob deGrom was screwed over again. The Mets will continue to play guys out of position until they can figure out a way to market bad defense though a ticket discount. We’re doomed to Groundhog Days and Groundhog Years of suck. There are no silver linings.

I stand corrected.

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