A more physical Eagles training camp...

A more physical Eagles training camp...


A more physical Eagles training camp...


Players report to camp this week— already the word is it will be a more “physical” experience…

A lot of coaches say it but then back off as they weigh the long journey ahead. The pads don’t go on until the weekend, so maybe the “more physical” warning was Doug Pederson’s way of telling his players to report in as good a cardio condition as possible.

We’ll soon know who flunked the conditioning test, Hopefully no one, but…

Personally I see no reason to beat up your own guys in TC. EYE believe in allowing the competitive nature of position battles to raise the physicality to just the right dew point. Then the preseason games should take care of the rest.

The first full team practice will take place on Thursday, July 25 at the NovaCare Complex.

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