RVD Makes Shocking Return To 'Raw Reunion'

RVD Makes Shocking Return To 'Raw Reunion'

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RVD Makes Shocking Return To 'Raw Reunion'


WWE is going all out on the appearances on past WWE legends to appear at Raw Reunion Monday night. However, one of the big surprises of the night was the return of Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam made an appearance during the match between Sami Zayn and Rey Mysterio. Sami was about to walk out of the match until Van Dam’s music hit and he came out to confront Sami Zayn. Afterwards, he was joined by WWE Hall Of Famers Sgt. Slaughter and Kurt Angle and The Hurricane. Sami would go back in the ring and get hit with a 619 followed by a splash by Mysterio to cause Rey to get the victory.


Photo: Impact Wrestling                                                      

RVD is currently under contract with Impact Wrestling so this return came to a surprise of a lot of fans. So far, Raw Reunion has become a very unpredictable night for WWE.

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