Rules In The Casino You Didn’t Know About

Rules In The Casino You Didn’t Know About


Rules In The Casino You Didn’t Know About


There are a lot of reasons to play in a casino – it’s exciting and intriguing. Also, it gives you a chance to become another Kerry Packer who won around 40 million dollars in baccarat and blackjack in 1997. Not everyone knows that the casino system is not as easy as it looks. Here are some secret rules you didn’t know about:

No clocks

Have you ever noticed that there are no windows and clocks in the casinos? This rule applies to all the casinos around the world. It is not an accident; it is a smart marketing ploy. The main goal of this practice is to help gamblers lose a sense of time. 

That’s why you need to have a watch on the hand if you go to a casino. Consider also setting a time limit with alarms. Some people can play for long hours and lose themselves in the games. Make sure not to become one of them!


The casino is private property, so gaming supervisors and security guards can kick you out for whatever reason they want (without any warning and explanation). There are cameras everywhere – if you behave weirdly or use inappropriate language, you will not be able to continue your game. Every dealer has a button under the table – any minute he can press it and get you into trouble. Also, you will be arrested in case you try to fight back. So, avoid dropping the “F” bomb on people in the casino.

Learn more about gambling in the casinos in the infographic below, according to FreeBets:

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