Of the major manufacturers, there is no one antivirus solution that can provide for all of your potential needs. They all have instances where they may not have advanced features or are not as effective as other competitors in detecting or eliminating a specific infection or threat. In addition to firewalls, Modern Security Suites that have many features such as Parental Control, Site Adviser, Game Mode, Spam and Email Protection, Identity Theft protection, Anti Spyware and many other features such as rescue disks, data shredders, personal data encryption, and back-up utilities are now stacked in the best paid antivirus. While there are many good Antivirus solutions and tens of manufacturers all vying for your personal or business use, which would you pay to get what you most desire?

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best paid antivirus in 2019.


TotalAV is one of the newest antivirus manufacturers today. This software is user-friendly, intuitive, and offers a free version that will still effectively protect your device no matter what. TotalAV is designed to defend your PC, constantly check for issues with performance/speed and helps it work better and faster. The interface is simple and easy to use. TotalAV also promises to protect you from malware, Viruses, Trojans, phishing scams, and clickjacking. The VPN offers enhanced protection, allowing the user to surf the web seamlessly. TotalAV does lack some advanced features and functionality but at the same time, it is a light and simple program. Besides, it frees up a lot of space on your drive and doesn’t require too many resources to function.


The basic package can be yours for just $19.95. However, the TotalAV Pro Antivirus for Multiple Devices Protection costs $39.95 while Total AV Ultimate for Five Devices goes for $59.95.


Norton is one of the leading antivirus companies. At 99.3%, it outperforms a vast majority of its competitors in detecting and blocking threats – a tremendous result. Norton would warn and stop the downloading process of an infected file. The Norton is designed to block access when you try to open a website with malware in it. Viruses are immediately moved to the quarantine folder to prevent them from harming the computer. Every time an infected file is stopped, Norton would inform you where the threat was going to install itself on the computer. A major downside to this solution is the lack of secure web-browser and also sometimes the antivirus wouldn’t block detected viruses meaning, users may have to manually block and move detected threats to the quarantine folder.


Norton antivirus solution is relatively expensive but you are sure to get what you pay for. For instance, the Premium plan is jam-packed with features, backup solution, including 25GB of storage online.

  • Norton Antivirus Plus goes for $39.99/year
  • Norton 360 Standard goes for $49.99/year
  • Norton 360 Deluxe goes for $59.99/year
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select goes for $99.99/year

NUMBER 3: McAfee

As one of the leading antivirus solutions on the market, McAfee offers better performance than its competitors. When it comes to the major concern (which is security), McAfee outperforms its rivals. It’s easy to use and the interface is attracting. The main window is very informative and navigation is fast and intuitive. McAfee doesn’t have anything to do with your PC resource. It’s easy to install and you don’t have to reboot the antivirus or the device after installation. It works flawlessly immediately after installation. The user interface allows you to get access to parental control, tune the anti-spam settings, configure the firewall, and schedule future virus scans that will automatically launch when the time comes. The McAfee scanning is average in terms of speed – first scan is thorough and may last up to 30 minutes however; subsequent scans will take significantly less time to complete. 

Many users complain about the price – they believe McAfee is slightly overpriced than what most rivals on the market can offer. 


There are two packages to choose from: 

1. McAfee Total Protection 

  • 1 Device – $34.99
  • 5 Devices – $39.99
  • 10 Devices – $44.99

2. McAfee LiveSafe costs $104.99 but it covers an unlimited number of devices.

Mobile users can enjoy using the free versions for iOS and Android.

NUMBER 4: Intego

Its features are neatly arranged and well-organized so that users don’t get lost. Intego works well on Mac OS. The full scan will take about 14 minutes which is well above average. Also, the Mac doesn’t get overloaded even during the full scanning, and it is another advantage of this antivirus. Each vital function and data is displayed on the main screen which is very convenient. Intego also has a panel in its interface that displays vital information like the status of Safe Browsing in Safari and Chrome. But mind you, Intego doesn’t really watch over your online activity while browsing. You can trust Intego if you need basic protection. It can also perform well with some extra advanced features. But if you are transferring files to Windows PC, you are advised to check for malware with another antivirus.


Intego offers price plans depending on the number of device and the bundle. Each package offer real-time protection plus other extra features. 

Mac Internet Security X9 is Intego’s basic package. It comes with antivirus and firewall features.

Content Barrier Secure X9 comes with parental control – it is recommended for families with kids.

Washing Machine Secure X9 package offers security and clean-up tools making it ideal for users who hope to speed up their devices.

Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the most expensive package. It offers ALL what the above packages offer.

Plan Mac Internet Security X9 Content Barrier Secure X9 Washing Machine Secure X9 Mac Premium Bundle X9
1 device $19.99 $59.99 $59.99 $69.99
3 devices $44.99 $119.99 $109.99 $94.99
5 devices $49.99 N/A N/A $119.99


NUMBER 5: Bitdefender

The increasing number of malware and ransomware calls for the use of rock solid antivirus solution that is capable of protecting your device. Bitdefender offers every bit of protection in this regard. Bitdefender offers one of the best free antivirus solutions. Although it only works for Mac and Windows PC’s you’re sure to get maximum basic protection. Bitdefender is easy to use and comes with an advance VPN for securing Wi-Fi hotspots and also protecting your passwords/logins and bank info. It is a near-perfect product and by some distance, one of the most intuitive Antiviruses on the market.


The price of Bitdefender antivirus is probably its biggest selling point.

Plan Bitdefender Antivirus Plus Bitdefender Internet Security Bitdefender Total Security Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac
1 device $39.98 $59.99 N/A $39.99 $39.99
3 devices $59.99 $79.99 N/A $59.99 $59.99
5 devices $69.99 $84.99 $89.99 N/A N/A



AVG antivirus is lightweight and offers many advance features. It scans your computer in six ways: boot scan, deep scan, basic system check, performance check, and USB scan. The software interface is easy to use and customize. Its ability to detect new types of malware is quite impressive. AVG will not allow an unknown file to run until it sends it for thorough check. In general, AVG takes care of harmful programs and known malware on user’s devices but it’s not efficient in detecting zero-day and targeted attacks. In conclusion, AVG antivirus will make sure you stay secure but may not be a powerful tool if you need ultimate protection.


In terms o

Internet Security

  • 1 Year – $79.99
  • 2 Years – $159.99
  • 3 Years – $159.99


  • 1 Year – $99.99
  • 2 Years – $198.99

They also offer good plan for businesses.

File Server Business Edition comes with a virus scanner which will help to keep all of your business information safe.

Antivirus Business Edition will protect your business email, network, and Endpoint from malware, phishing, viruses, spam, and other threats.

Internet Security Business Edition is designed for internet security – it offers servers protection and an additional layer of spam protection for your inbox.

NUMBER 7: BullGuard

BullGuard does a great job of protecting your Android device from outside threats. The free version works well for Mac and Windows, virus protection is awesome, scanning is quick, but their malware protection is not too strong. I think BullGuard is the best security provider at affordable price but put in mind that it puts too much load on the device and comes with a fewer features compared to other industry leaders.


BullGuard offer three packages depending on customer budget and need. 

BullGuard AntiVirus – This is the most basic package and it goes for $23.96. It offers full 1 year protection for one single device.

BullGuard Internet Security – The price is $29.97 and you get 1 year protection when accessing the internet.

BullGuard Premium Protection – It costs $39.98 and recommended for users who need additional features like password manager, Identity Protection, and Financial Protection.

BullGuard Mobile Security – The current price is $19.95 and offers additional features like SIM Protection, Antitheft, and Mobile Security Manager (MSM).


For a company that has well over 400M users, you’d expect the company to keep improving their product features. Kaspersky is considered to be one of the most user-friendly antiviruses. The software constantly observes and checks all files accessed on your PC. It is capable of observing and stopping any threats at the delivery and execution stage. It is interesting to know that the free Kaspersky antivirus offer high level protection, even more than most paid antivirus solutions. Kaspersky is recommended for those who need maximum protection from malicious or virus programs and against phishing.


Kaspersky pricing depends on the number of devices/users.

Plan Anti-Virus Internet Security Total Security
Price for 3 devices $29.99 $39.99 N/A
Price for 5 devices $39.99 $44.99 $49.99
Price for 10 devices N/A N/A $74.99


Scanguard is easy to install and comes with a friendly interface. One good attribute about this software is that it scans without slowing down your computer. The antivirus is compatible iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows 10 but it works perfectly on Android. Scanguard has a wide range of features for privacy and it works effectively when boosting OS performance with the tune-up tools. There are 2 wall firewall ensures that your computer is safe and sound – quite impressive for a company whose main focus is privacy.


Essential Antivirus suite originally costs $99.95 – the promo price costs $24.95.

The Scanguard Ultimate Antivirus allows 5 users/devices and it costs $149.95. Using a promo, you can get this package at $59.85.

NUMBER 10: Avast

Just like Kaspersky, Avast offers different level of protection against ransomware. Its ability to resist malware attacks is also remarkable. In addition, Avast’s incorporation of “Do Not Disturb” mode in its software makes it perfect for those who want to watch movies or play games in full screen. Do Not Disturb mode will block all popup providing an uninterrupted experience when working on your PC. Internet users will feel safer when using Avast as it scans every single site a user visits and analyzes it according to a set of criteria. Its ability to effectively detect phishing threats makes it a top selection for users.


1 Device 3 Devices 5 Devices 10 Devices
Internet Security for Windows $59.99 $79.99 $104.99 $179.99
Premier for Windows $69.99 $99.99 $134.99 $219.99
Ultimate for Windows (unlimited devices) $119.99 N/A N/A N/A
Security Pro for Mac $59.99 $69.99 $79.99 $99.99

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