How to Choose Perfect Winter Shoes

How to Choose Perfect Winter Shoes


How to Choose Perfect Winter Shoes


Shoes are both a great way of showing personal expression, and something that has to be functional. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect blend of form and function in a winter shoe, so we’re going to show you how to choose perfect shoes for winter.    

Think about climate 

One of the main things to consider when choosing a winter shoe is the climate you live and work in, if you live in the Pacific North West, or London, a classy, well insulated rain boot might be the correct shoe for you, While these areas see a lot of rain, they only get a light amount of snow, so an insulated rain boot will keep you dry on one of the many rainy winter days and will be enough to protect your feet on a the occasional snow day. If you want to know more about rainy boots, water shoes/sandals or swim shoes, their pros cons just turn on they explore Dream Discover on Smart Sports Shoes. Rain boots come in a variety of colors, heights, widths and styles and price ranges, to fit any style or budget     


If you live in an area that gets heavy snow, like the American mid-west or the more northern parts of British Isles you might consider a Duck boot or a Pac Boot. These boots feature thicker tread, to prevent slipping on ice, a rubber shoe, and insulated boot and upper and often lace up for a snugger fit than a basic all weather boot. Both Duck boots and Pac boots will keep you warm, dry and stylish, even in the coldest conditions. Both duck boots and Pac boots come in a variety of heights, colors and prices to meet everyone’s needs.


If you live in a more temperate area that doesn’t see a lot of rain or snow during the winter, short boots, riding boots/tall boots and even tennis shoes are always a good winter go to. All three of these shoes can be found in a ton of styles, colors and price ranges. They are all easy to dress up or down, they can even be found in heeled or flat varieties, and they will generally keep your feet dry and warm in moderate winter conditions.      

Another thing to worry about in winter is how to look work appropriate and not freeze or soak your toes off on cold, wet winter days. What if you need the perfect shoes for work in the winter? Here are some options. The answer is Boots, Boots, and Boots!     

Ankle Boots or booties are a great option, because they come in a ton of styles, heel heights and price ranges. They work well with pants, skirts and even leggings, they will keep your feet warm for small walks out into the snow or rain, if you stick with a flat wedge or thick heeled style you won’t even slip, and they are easy to take off if you need to change into snow boots for your commute.     

Below the knee Boots are a great option as well, not only are below the knee boots great for accentuating legs, they look professional and put together and you will absolutely be able to find a pair that works with your unique style and budget. Because below the knee boots are taller they will protect your legs and shins from the winter elements, you might not have to change into an outdoor boot for your commute even in the coldest of climates. Stick with a flat, low chunky heel, or wedge style to prevent slipping on ice.     

Shoes are one of the best ways that form meets function, they are a great way to show off your personal style while also keeping your feet safe from the elements. They come in such a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes and prices that there is literally something for everyone. While it is harder to find winter shoes that are comfy, 

stylish and weather appropriate it is totally possible with a little help and dedication. Most styles of winter shoes come in a variety of prices and colors to help you find your best fit. Remember to ask friends what works for them and to shop around, until you find what works best for you. Whether you’re stuck in an office all winter, hiking across a glacier or something in between there is a perfect winter shoe for your unique style.

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