What supplies are needed when going on a boat with your dog?

What supplies are needed when going on a boat with your dog?


What supplies are needed when going on a boat with your dog?


Family boat rides are a lot of fun. They allow you to bond, while at the same time enjoying the thrill of the outdoors. For dog owners, such a trip would even be more fun, if the dog tags along. However, before you rush to get your beloved dog on the boat, you need to invest in supplies that can enhance its safety. That’s because, unlike a human being, a dog may not understand the risks that come with the waters.  Besides, you want the dog to be as comfortable as possible. So, what supplies are needed when going on a boat with your dog? Well, there are lots of them, but to simplify things for you, let’s go through the most essential ones.

  1.   A life jacket

Dogs know how to swim, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t drown. If your dog is trapped in a large body of water, it will ultimately get tired and start to sink. That’s why it is important to have a dog life jacket every time you go out boat riding. When choosing a life jacket for your boat, there are several baseline factors you need to consider. The most important one is the visibility. The life jacket needs to be bright enough that, the dog can be traced even in low light. This can help rescuers, in case your dog gets lost in the waters at night. 

  1.   A bowl full of water

Just like you, a dog is likely to get thirsty after a long boat ride. As such, having a water bowl with you can help your four-legged friend quench its thirst. Another important reason to carry a water bowl is to deter the dog from drinking lake/ocean water. If your dog gets too thirsty, and there is no water on the boat, chances are that it will try and drink what it can see.  This exposes it to risks of diseases, and that’s not something you would wish on your dog.

  1.   A mat

When taking your dog on a boat ride, make sure to carry a mat, and put it somewhere away from direct sunlight. This will give your dog a place to rest, from time to time, all through the ride. On top of that, it can be a nice place for the dog to anchor on, in case the waters get rough. In such situations, the rest of the boat can be too slippery for the dog, and it might end up getting hurt. 

  1.   Waste bags

If you plan on taking boat rides often, then it could be time to start teaching your dog how to use a waste bag. This can make it easy to clean up the mess, and keep the boat comfortable for everyone. Waste bags by design are easy for a dog to use, and with a few easy lessons, it should be able to use one. However, before it learns how to use them properly, you can always go back to the shore every once in a while for the dog to relieve itself. 

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