Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots

Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots

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Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots


Houston Astros

When it comes to Syndergaard’s immediate future, one would imagine that getting traded to the Astros would be incredible. Just look at how they’ve rejuvenated both Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole.

Understandably so, Houston is very interested in acquiring Syndergaard for all the reasons we mentioned at the beginning of this article. They haven’t gotten much production out of the fifth spot of their rotation, and possibly having an extended injured list stint for Brad Peacock doesn’t make things any easier.

Thor would give the Astros an insanely scary front of the rotation — especially if they find a way to acquire him instead of the Yankees — but it’d also set them up nicely for next year. Cole’s future is cloudy because of his impending free agency, and Wade Miley is on just a one-year deal. Houston would feel mighty fine, though, if they had Verlander, Syndergaard, and (eventually) Lance McCullers Jr. in their 2020 rotation. Re-signing Cole would be the cherry on top.

The problem for the Astros is that they may not have the prospects to get something like this done. That’s especially the case when learning Forrest Whitley has barely pitched this season due to shoulder fatigue. Houston appears to be one of the more aggressive teams in discussions, so one would imagine this isn’t over until Syndergaard is traded elsewhere or the deadline passes.

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