Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots

Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots

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Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots


Los Angeles Angels

Despite everything they’ve been through this season, the Angels are still lurking on the outskirts of the wild-card race and are doing their due diligence on available arms:

As Jon Heyman notes, the Angels used to continually have one of the league’s worst farm systems but have spent a lot of time and effort rebuilding it. While this may not be enough for the Mets to consider a deal, it allows them to at least sit at the table and have a discussion.

The unfortunate death of Tyler Skaggs, along with a trip to the IL for Andrew Heaney has left Los Angeles’ rotation rather empty when it comes to experienced starters. Syndergaard would obviously be a boost right now, but he’d also be a boost next season when paired with (hopefully) a fully recovered Shohei Ohtani.

This will be a tough situation to navigate for Los Angeles since they’re not exactly right in the thick of the playoff race. They’ll need to weigh the opportunity cost of going all in. The next few days will likely be crucial in their decision-making process.

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