Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots

Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots

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Evaluating Noah Syndergaard's potential landing spots


Tampa Bay Rays

Although the Rays are one of baseball’s more innovative teams, it’s tough for any organization to deal with extended absences from top rotation contributors like Tyler Glasnow and more recently, Blake Snell.

This is an accurate portrayal of how Charlie Morton is feeling right now.

Tampa Bay has relinquished its lead in the AL East to the Yankees and don’t appear equipped to make up the difference at this point in the season. However, they’re still in prime position for a wild-card berth. This feels like the kind of situation where the Rays would be comfortable in taking a risk with regard to giving up prospects for Syndergaard.

His still affordable based off his current $6 million salary, and the two years of team control past 2019 would give them leverage to eventually flip him and get something meaningful in return. And of course, the organization was linked to the right-hander over the winter.

So they clearly like him, and given their current situation, they might be more apt to make a bold move.

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