Which is the best football stadium in the world?

Which is the best football stadium in the world?


Which is the best football stadium in the world?


Football is one of the most loving and passionate outdoor games. The popularity of this game prompted the evolution of clubs and urged countries to build magnificent football stadium all over the world. Before looking at the most famous football stadiums, the Gazprom Arena of Saint Petersburg cannot be ignored. 

It is a new stadium, recently built in 2017 having an attractive architecture. The retracting roof and the spaceship-shaped structure have mesmerized the world. It has hosted the FC Zenit Football Team.

Now let’s take a look at the other famous football stadiums.

  1. Nou Camp Stadium:

In 1957 in Barcelona, Spain, the stadium was inaugurated for all. It is the home ground of the famous Barcelona Football Team since 1957. Copa finals, UEFA Cup finals were held here. The capacity of the stadium is 99,354. Also, the 1982 World Cup Final was held in this stadium.

  1. Wembley Stadium:

Initially, the stadium was opened in 1923. But after the renovation in 2007, it reopened with the latest architecture and facilities. The stadium is located in Wembley, London and it’s home to some of the best football clubs in Europe and arguably the world. The stadium capacity is 90,000. Europeans often resemble this stadium as the ‘Home of Football’.

  1. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium:

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is one of the most famous football stadiums, inaugurated in 1947. It has hosted the European Cup Final four times and also organized Copa Libertadores Final. It is the home stadium of Real Madrid Team. The stadium capacity is 81,044.

  1. Old Trafford Stadium:

This stadium is famously known as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. It was opened in 1910. The capacity of this stadium is 74,994. It is considered to be one of the most famous club stadiums and after renovation; it became Europe’s largest club stadium. 

  1. The Allianz Arena Stadium:

The Allianz Arena Stadium is the most famous and beautiful football stadium in Germany. It was opened in 2005. This stadium usually hosts different events of FIFA and UEFA. In 2012, the UEFA Champions League Final was held here. The stadium can hold 75,000 spectators.

  1. Maracana stadium:

It is a spectacular football stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stadium was inaugurated in 1950, and in the same year, it hosted the FIFA World Cup. The capacity of the stadium is more than 87,101. Apart from the football matches the stadium also hosts other concerts and events. 

  1. Aztec Stadium:

Aztec Stadium is one of the renowned football stadiums located in Mexico City. This stadium is the official home ground of Club America. The stadium was opened in 1966. The stadium capacity is more than 87,523. Apart from football matches, baseball matches, bowl games are also played here. The National Football League is generally held here.

  1. San Siro Stadium:

It is one of the largest Stadiums in Italy, Europe. The stadium can hold 80,018 spectators. The stadium was inaugurated in 1926. The stadium hosted the European Cup as well as the Champions League Final.

  1. Soccer City:

The stadium is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The stadium is also known as ‘The Calabash’. It was opened in 1989. The capacity is 94,736. The 2010 FIFA World Cup Final was held here.

  1. Anfield Road Stadium:

It is the home of Liverpool FC Football Team. This English stadium was inaugurated in 1892. It has a capacity of accommodating 54,074 spectators. In terms of size, it ranks seventh amongst the football stadiums present in England.


Hope, the list enlisted stadiums have provided you with hands-on knowledge about the existing world-class football stadiums and their specialties. However, with the rising popularity of football, many more spectacular stadiums are anticipated to be established in the near future.

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