8 Essential Items To Buy For A Football Coach

8 Essential Items To Buy For A Football Coach


8 Essential Items To Buy For A Football Coach


What are you meant to buy for a football coach? They seem like they always have everything they need?

Great gifts either make the coach’s life easier, enhance their coaching abilities, help improve their team’s performance or make the experience of playing the game even better.

Depending on the age range of the children the coach is training, the gifts will usually change. However, this list covers gifts that any football coach would appreciate.

Here are 8 essential items to buy for a football coach.

1. At-Home Health Testing Kit

First things first. Health is the number one concern for any coach. Both they and their players must be in tip-top condition to deliver the best results on the field. 

Give your football coach am imaware™ testing kit so they can keep an eye on their health. This is a super simple test kit that arrives in the mail and can be taken in just a few minutes. 

The buyer draws a bit of blood (the kit includes everything you need!) and then ships the test back to the qualified team of lab technicians at Imaware (they’re based out of Austin, Texas). A week later, you get your blood results delivered directly to your email with a detailed medical report. 

This is an awesome gift for any coach in your life to make sure they’re healthy and performing at their best. 

2. Balls

A football coach can never have too many footballs. In fact, the more they have, the better. Footballs can burst playing on the field or suffer a puncture while trying to blow them up. Either way, the gift of more balls is a real treat for any coach out there.

Typically, most teams won’t have expensive balls to play. After all, they need enough to go around but the budget may not be enough to be able to afford quality balls.

So, with this in mind, it may be a good idea to get your favorite football coach an NFL-standard football to use for matches only. You could ask other people to chip in and make it a joint present too.

3. Pump Inflation Needles

One of the most annoying things a coach can endure is breaking pump needles when inflating a football. There never seems to be any spares if the one in the pump does happen to break either.

So to make up for this, buy your coach some pump inflation needles They’re very affordable and come in super handy (my favorite one is this one from Amazon). That way, whenever a needle does break, there is a supply waiting to be used, meaning practice time isn’t wasted on waiting for a new ball.

This essential gift for a football coach makes their lives a lot easier and they will appreciate the thought.

4.  Protein Coffee

Football coaches have a lot of work. From setting up training drills to arranging games and other admin, they can burn a lot of calories over the course of their day.

For this reason, they need something to give them enough energy to make it through the day while providing essential nutrients along the way. 

This is where protein coffee becomes an essential gift for a football coach (read about the many benefits of protein coffee here.) It shows how much you understand their need to prepare for practice or a big game.

I personally really like the Complete Nutrition brand. They have many flavors to choose from but they all taste great. It’s very easy to prepare (just add water to the protein powder and stir) making it super easy to incorporate it in your daily routine. 

5. Portable Benches

Football coaches attend every single game if possible. They help with the warm ups, select the starting line ups, offer in-play tactics and a whole lot more. This can be a tiring job, meaning it would be nice to sit down every once in a while. During the winter months when it’s cold and wet, the floor isn’t usually a nice option.

Portable benches can save your football coach from having to deal with this problem. You can be sure they will get a lot of use of them. Depending on how many coaches you have, you can select how many benches you need. For example, this portable soccer bench comes in 3-seaters all the way up to 8-seaters.

If they can get a seat, the subs will appreciate the gift too.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

It’s important for a football coach to stay hydrated. When it gets hot, it becomes even more important for the coach to keep fluids up so they work out how to win the game.

For this reason, you should consider buying your favorite football coach a reusable water bottle. My personal favorite one comes from Kool8. It is basically a very stylish thermos and thanks to its insulation technology, the water will stay cool for hours.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be filled with just water as it will keep energy drinks just as chilled. More to the point, if your coach likes to start off the day with a cup of coffee, this water bottle in particular will keep it warm for ages.

A nice warm drink is the perfect remedy for watching on the sidelines in the cold, wet weather. 

7. A custom star map

You may sit there and ask yourself: what on earth is a custom star map? Simply put is a custom poster with a glimpse of the skies. 

Think of your favorite football coach. How many times has he practiced with the kids at night? Always looking up at the sky, sometimes in frustration over the results of the game in front of him? 

The folks at Twinkle in time have created an amazing experience that will make even the toughest football coach a bit emotional. You select a specific date, time and city that has a particular significance and add a custom message to it. A couple of weeks later, you get the poster in the mail and all it takes it framing it before you can give it to your favorite football coach. 

8. First Aid Kit

This may be one of the most important pieces of equipment a football coach could ask for. It happens all too often that there aren’t enough first aid kits to treat the players if they suffer an injury.

Every single coach must have a first aid kit in their bag. Think of it like this: if your child got hurt and there wasn’t a first aid kit around, what would you be thinking?

There may already be a first aid kit on hand but at least by buying one yourself, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve done your part to help. By the way, my favorite one comes from Surviveware

In fact, by buying your football coach a first aid kit, you are doing everyone, including them, you and other parents, a favor. 

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