Best Fat Burner Supplements in 2019

Best Fat Burner Supplements in 2019

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Best Fat Burner Supplements in 2019


Our definitive guide to the best fat burners on the market will help you pick a quality option.

Losing weight is no easy task, and while a healthy calorie-restricted diet and exercise is the key to success, sometimes you may need a little extra support. In which case, you may be considering a fat burner supplement.

A ‘fat burner’ is a product designed to assist with weight loss. Manufacturers create these supplements to get you ripped by using natural ingredients like plant extracts and vitamins that have been linked to losing weight in some way.

These supplements may be popular in general, but they don’t have the best reputation. Often, they’re sold as miracle cures to help you drop weight, when in fact they are not proven or even likely to do so.

With that in mind, we need to clarify that so-called ‘fat burners’ aren’t going to make you lose weight alone. While we can explore the effects of the ingredients within the supplements individually, we can’t guarantee they’ll work within the context of the formula.

They’re also designed to be an aid to a calorie-restricted diet and exercise; therefore, they cannot be relied upon solely for weight loss. They may be able to support your efforts, but there are no guarantees and, as we all know, exercise and a good diet is the real key to weight loss.

Having said that, these are increasingly popular supplements, many consumers claim they help them with their efforts and they could act as a crutch when things get hard.

Let’s take a look at the best fat burners in 2019 to help you find a safe and effective product.

Instant Knockout

Most popular fat burner

Taking the win for most popular fat burner is Instant Knockout.

Originally designed for MMA fighters, this product made its way to the mainstream and has been a firm favorite of many gym-goers since.

We wanted to know what makes Instant Knockout such a big hit with those who buy it, so we put it under the microscope in a Sports Daily review.

After examining the formula, we found it to be of a very high quality. It’s packed with some of the most popular ingredients in this industry which are all backed by scientific research, and served to generous levels.

All of this adds up to warrant this product as our top pick for most popular fat burner.

Instant Knockout ingredients

This supplement consists of 10 natural ingredients, that have each been added with the intention of improving your ability to lose weight.

To understand how it might help you with your fat loss efforts, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key players.

Green tea extract

This is a widely used and recognized thermogenic. That means it can have an impact on your metabolism. We found a review of 11 independent trials which all identify its thermogenic properties.

Cayenne pepper seeds

Capsaicin within cayenne pepper seeds has also been shown to trigger a thermogenic reaction within your body. This should also help to increase calorie burn.


This is a soluble fiber taken from the root of the Konjac plant. When in the stomach, it expands into a gel-like consistency. This makes you feel fuller, which should suppress appetite, reduce food intake and reduce cravings.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This provides energy both mentally and physically. It is also a potent thermogenic that can promote fat oxidization. It can be over-used and therefore potentially dangerous, but this supplement offers reasonable servings.

Vitamin B6 and B12

These are key vitamins your body needs to perform a huge range of metabolic processes. In studies, B vitamins were shown to increase fat oxidization.

How to take Instant Knockout

The manufacturers have created Instant Knockout to be taken over four, one capsule portions throughout the day.

Timing can be very important with a supplement that contains appetite suppressants and stimulants.

The appetite suppressant can help you to reduce your food intake in meals, therefore you may want to take it before you eat.

Caffeine can also cause insomnia if taken too close to sleep, therefore we recommend taking your last capsule no later than 5 hours before you usually go to bed.

As such, we recommend you follow this pattern:

First capsule immediately after waking, before breakfast Second capsule 30 minutes before lunch Third capsule in the mid-afternoon Fourth capsule 30 minutes before your evening meal

All the research surrounding the ingredients within this supplement display results when they’re taken consistently over a prolonged period of time. As such we suggest you continue to take Instant Knockout in this way too to improve your chances of results.

Instant Knockout price

One bottle of Instant Knockout provides 120 capsules, which should be enough to last 30 days.

One bottle: $59/£35

Two bottles + free US/UK delivery: $118/£70

Three bottles + one free bottle + free worldwide delivery: $185/£110


Instant Knockout testimonials

One of the best ways to find out what you can expect from a fat burner supplement is to look at how well it performs for other consumers.

As the most popular fat burner on our list, of course it came with a lot of some very positive reviews that say the product has helped them to lose substantial amounts of weight.

Instant Knockout is also recommended by athletes like John Dodson, Diego Sanchez and Holly Holm.

While we’re aware these are likely to be paid endorsements, we still find it reassuring that these athletes are willing to put their name to it.

Of course, there are a number of reviews from customers saying Instant Knockout didn’t help them to lose weight. We take these into account, however, we’re overwhelmed by how much positive feedback this supplement got. That’s why it’s our top pick for most popular fat burner after all.

Click here to see Instant Knockout testimonials.

Instant Knockoutout Video Review:




  • Completely natural
  • Well-researched
  • No proprietary blends
  • Intelligent support system
  • May boost results of diet and exercise


  • Premium product = premium price
  • Only available from manufacturers website


Instant Knockout provides a completely natural, well-researched, generously served formula that we rate highly.

As far as fat burners go, we think you’ll struggle to find another supplement as high quality as this.

What’s more, the formula is backed up by a huge selection of positive reviews. For us, this was key in finding the most popular fat burner product on the market.

The opinions of those who’ve ordered it are essential to confirming how effective and successful a product is.

For these reasons, we recommend Instant Knockout as an excellent all-rounder fat burner for anyone looking for support on their weight loss efforts.


Hunter Burn

Highest quality


This is a new type of premium supplement that takes a very different approach to fat burners.

Where so many manufacturers opt to over-fill their products with caffeine, and add a few well-known ingredients to the supplement facts at very small servings, Hunter Burn does quite the opposite.

This stimulant free fat burner uses high-quality ingredients at some of the highest servings we’ve seen.

It’s this approach that has earned Hunter Burn our top spot as highest quality fat burner supplement.

Read on to find out why.

Hunter Burn ingredients

Konjac root extract


This is a soluble fiber that expands and thickens slightly when it hits your stomach. This should help you to feel fuller, which suppresses the appetite and could even reduce portion sizes. This is served at 3,000mg which is the most we’ve seen in a fat burner supplement.

Vitamin D3


This this is usually used in testosterone boosters; however, it’s also been linked to fat loss, which is why it’s in this formula. Hunter Burn provides 750% of your recommended intake.

Matcha green tea


Green tea is widely used as a thermogenic in fat burners due to its potent catechins. Matcha has been shown to provide almost three times the amount of catechins as normal green tea, making it a potentially more effective option.



This is more of a nootropic than a fat burner, as it creates a sense of calm focus. However, recent research suggests it may also help to improve your ability to resist cravings.

White Kidney Bean Extract


This is natures only known carb blocker. It can help to reduce the amount of carbohydrates your body absorbs when digested.

Cayenne pepper


This ingredient is a potent and popular thermogenic supplement, which is backed by an array of studies and research. This should help to boost your metabolism and fat oxidization.

How to take Hunter Burn

This supplement is served over six capsules a day, which is what allows it to provide such generous serving sizes.

As Hunter Burn contains appetite suppressants, it’s important you take the supplement before you are due to eat. This should help you to reduce your food intake and stay in control of food cravings.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of them, we recommend you follow this pattern:


Two capsules, 1 hour to 30 minutes before breakfast Two capsules, 1 hour to 30 minutes before lunch Two capsules, 1 hour to 30 minutes before dinner

Hunter Burn price:

One bottle: $75/£55


Two bottles and free US/UK delivery: $150/£110


Three bottles + one free bottle + free worldwide delivery: $225/£165

If you do decide to opt for Hunter Burn, the three-bottle bundle may be the best option to save you money. We find this a particularly good offer, as weight loss happens over a prolonged period of time, so opting for more bottles, at a lower price should help you throughout.

Hunter Burn testimonials

At this time Hunter Burn has only been on the market for a few months, and the product hasn’t yet collected a huge amount of testimonials from buyers.

There are a selection of product reviews out there, and from what we can see, it looks to be well received. Other reviewers also appreciate the quality of this formula, with many paying particular attention to the serving sizes of key ingredients like glucomannan.

Reviewers do note that the price is quite high, however the majority conclude that it’s still worth paying for if you’re looking for quality and you can afford it.

There are also a few testimonials on the Hunter Life website.

Click here to see Hunter Burn testimonials.


  • High ingredient servings
  • Excellent appetite suppressant serving
  • High grade ingredients
  • Amazing quality
  • No stimulants
  • Low risk of side effects


  • Premium product at premium price
  • You may prefer added caffeine


This is a new breed of fat burner supplements to get you ripped.

Hunter Burn provides a high-quality, well-served product that is designed to help support all stages of the weight loss process.

It’s got some of the best servings we’ve seen in comparison to other supplements in this category, which is how it became our favorite product for quality.

One drawback with Hunter Burn is the price.

Although it is undoubtedly at the upper end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for quality you won’t find a better fat burner. As such, we believe you get what you pay for with Hunter Burn.



Best Fat Burner For Women


Taking the podium position for best pre-workout for women is Hourglass.

This completely natural formula stands out in the sea of fat burners marketed towards women.

Rather than just creating a standard supplement and adding a pink label to the packaging, the manufacturers have created a fat burner with the needs of women in mind.

The ingredients are of a high-quality, are backed by research and have been selected to specifically support women on a weight loss diet.

It doesn’t contain any added stimulants, which is a positive as science shows women are more likely to experience bad reactions to high levels of caffeine. It also offers a generous portion of glucomannan, which should be enough to help you deal with cravings, without leading to bloating.

Let’s take a look at what makes it the best fat burner for women.

Hourglass Ingredients

Vitamins B6 and B12


These vitamins are essential to a number of metabolic processes within your body and therefore have an influence over your body fat. Research has shown it helps you to manage energy production more efficiently.



This product offers a strong serving of glucomannan, which is important for women as we can be more susceptible to cravings than men. It can help to suppress appetite and keep hunger pangs at bay between meals.



This is a branded version of cayenne pepper that provides a more concentrated source of capsaicin, which is the thermogenic compound that can improve your metabolism. This may be more potent than simply using cayenne pepper extract.

Green tea extract


Green tea extract is one of the most widely used and potent supplements in the industry. It’s backed by a substantial amount of science, which makes it a good choice for a weight loss aid.



This ingredient helps you body to use and store carbohydrates in a more efficient way, so you should hold less fat on your frame.

How to take Hourglass

The intake guidelines say to take one capsule, three times a day at mealtimes.

To ensure you’re benefitting from the appetite suppressant in here, we’d suggest taking the supplement around 30 minutes before you eat. This should give it time to expand within the stomach and help to reduce portion sizes in the upcoming meal.

As such, we suggest:


First capsule when you wake up, before breakfast Second capsule 30 minutes before lunch Third capsule 30 minutes before dinner

Hourglass Price

One bottle: $55/ £35


Two bottles + one free bottle: $110/ £70


Four bottles + two free bottles + free worldwide delivery: $220/ £140


With this product, you may save money if you opt to purchase one of the bundle options. This helps you make savings in the long run, which is important as we know that weight loss takes place over a longer period of time.

Hourglass Testimonials

This is also a relatively new product, but it’s popularly is steadily growing.

At the moment there aren’t many testimonials out there, but there is a small selection to read up on at the Hourglass website. They’re all very positive, with many women claiming it helped them to stay on track with their diet.

There are also some product reviews on health and fitness websites, which also appear to like the supplement, claiming it is a very effective fat burner for women.

Click here to see Hourglass testimonials.


  • Suited to women
  • High quality ingredients
  • Good serving sizes
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Stimulant free


  • Higher price than other supplements


The amount of research that’s gone into creating this fat burner for women makes it our top pick for this category.

Each ingredient has been scientifically tested, well served and is suited to the needs of a woman on a weight loss diet.

By dropping caffeine anhydrous and using a proven appetite suppressant, we think this formula has what it takes to give you a great fat burner experience.

While it’s more expensive than most, we believe it’s worth the money in comparison to other products on the market.


Final Word

With this guide to the best fat burner products on the market, you should have everything you need to pick out a top-quality supplement for you.

As far as popularity goes, Instant Knockout wins hands down. It comes with a huge selection of rave reviews, along with before and after shot which all claim the product is responsible for their results.

For quality, Hunter Burn is unparalleled. Every element of this fat burner is top tier – from the formula to the packaging we rate this as the best.

Women looking for a top-quality fat burner supplement can rely on Hourglass. This supplement has been created for women and is therefore gentle, yet effective and should support you with your efforts.

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