Getting Your Bowling Game To The Next Level

Getting Your Bowling Game To The Next Level


Getting Your Bowling Game To The Next Level


Bowling is a favored past time and fun-filled activity, although, it can also be an extremely serious game depending on who you are playing with. Regardless, there are many reasons you may be looking to improve your performance even if you are just playing the game with friends as an exciting pastime activity. While there are quite a few significant benefits associated with bowling, such as improved hand/eye coordination, strengthened muscles, and even a reduction in stress, if you have been participating for some time and are keen on improving your game, these top tips will help you improve your skills.

Use The Right Ball

Bowling with the right ball can drastically change your abilities in the game, which is why it would be a fantastic idea to find the best bowling ball for you before your next game. As with any competitive activity, the right equipment is essential. There are a few aspects you should take into account when choosing a bowling ball and even though they are available in a variety of eye-catching styles and colors, you should also consider the material and the weight of the bowling ball while also considering your current skill level.

Adjusting Your Grip

To effectively improve your bowling game you will need to learn how to adjust your grip appropriately, depending on how you would like to throw. The placement of your hands is essential for a successful throw as a fingertip grip will help you throw a hook. The name of this type of grip is quite self-explanatory as you should grip the ball using your fingertips. However, if you are hoping to throw the ball straight down the lane, a conventional grip is best. In order to execute the perfect conventional grip, you should insert your fingers into the ball up to your second finger joints. 

Avoid Fast Feet

Fast feet refers to your feet being ahead of your swing, which is often the reason beginners find themselves quite off-balance. To effectively avoid the troubles of fast feet you should practice your steps and swing to ensure you are balancing your body weight. This will effectively help you bowl much more strikes. 

Understand The Oil 

Your grip of the bowling ball and how you step is just as important as understanding how the oil on the lanes work. As each lane is oiled to allow the ball to roll with ease and the center of each lane will usually be oiled more than the sides, you can use this to your advantage. If you find that your game is affected by the center of the lane that is more oiled, you can increase or decrease your speed, try throwing a hook, or consider changing the weight of your bowling ball. However, to effectively improve your game using these tips, you will need to practice until you are able to find your perfect throw. It may be a wise idea to consider joining a league to improve your game as competitive teammates will encourage you to up your bowling skill level.

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