How to Choose the Right Functional Medicine Doctor: Top Qualities

How to Choose the Right Functional Medicine Doctor: Top Qualities


How to Choose the Right Functional Medicine Doctor: Top Qualities


The irony is there have been amazing innovations in the medical and scientific industry and yet there is no decrease in chronic diseases. There have been many times when you have gone to a doctor and there would have been hardly a proper visit. People also do complain that they go for a test and get a normal report while bearing the same pain. However, these all complaints are sorted when you choose a functional medicine doctor in Denver. Unlike conventional doctors, functional medicine doctor studies the whole human body along with their surroundings and diet.

Conventional methods of treating people have shown great significance in many acute illnesses. However, with the time people are falling more for chronic disease that needs proper diagnosis and treatment. It asks for more than 15 minutes of checkup appointment. Thus, people are choosing functional medicine doctor in Denver for their comprehensive medical histories, lab work, and a thorough understanding of their body. 

According to a functional medicine doctor, treating any disease is a bit easy than diagnosing the root cause of the illness. The process provides lifetime solutions and this is why people are opting for this approach. Doctors will not only eliminate the main illness but will also cure all those health conditions that were going to take shape.

Types of Functional Medicine Practitioners

  • Medical Doctor (M.D.): This is a doctor who studied traditional medical school and then later opts for the training and education in the functional medicine subject. They are one of the most flexible in proceeding treatments, tests and prescribing medicines.
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.): He is a bit similar to MD but serves a wide range of services. They not only prescribe medications to the patients but also can become a surgeon if needed. Their main aim is to look for the whole body as a whole, not just the illness.
  • Nurse Practitioner (N.P.): Many people underestimate the capability of a nurse. But, they are similar abilities as doctors. They have enough power to operate and undertake the person’s illness on their own and even can prescribe medications.
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.): These doctors believe in not using drugs and surgery unless its worst. Instead, they will go for a system of treatment of disease that includes the use of natural and mental health agents.
  • Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.): As the name suggests, these doctors focus on the chiropractic conditions. They cannot prescribe medications but can recommend you to traditional doctors and treatment if needed.

Key Characteristics of an Ideal Functional Medicine Doctor

If you want to make your first visit to functional medicine doctor wonderful, then its important to choose the right doctor. Here are the qualities you should look in a functional doctor before you schedule an appointment to their clinic.

  1. Your functional doctor should recommend a plant-based organic often grain-free diet.
  2. Your doctor should hold years of experience in complex chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease.
  3. They do not make grand promises of miracle treatments.
  4. They do not take you as a lab rat. Instead, they should take you as your partner in health.
  5. They spend time with you to know your medical history, diet, and surroundings to eliminate the root of your disease.
  6. They will not judge you according to your illness instead they will accept you.
  7. They will guide you with your diet, mental health requirements, and will make you feel comfortable with them in order to help you improve. 

Summary: Are you planning to schedule an appointment with a functional medicine doctor? If yes, then here is a short guide to choosing the ideal one without making any mistakes.

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