Best Supplements for Golf

Best Supplements for Golf


Best Supplements for Golf


Golf is a sport famous for the dedication of its participants. Lovers of the game strive and drive to edge down that handicap.

Hours of practice are put in to improve putting accuracy and hitting the ball longer, straighter and with greater accuracy off the tee and fairway. Equipment manufacturers have made huge advances in club head and shaft technology, whilst golf ball aeronautics have been honed to the nth degree.

So … short of more practice or buying the latest evolution in new irons, where else can you find a competitive edge for your wedge?

We look at the dietary supplements that may help take your game to the next level.

Mk 1 Eyeball – Vision Improvement

An error in judgment can cause dropped shots and could cost you the game.

Assuming you don’t have a pro caddy on your bag, the ole Mk 1 Eyeball will be the basis for many of your important decisions, helping with;

• Spotting undulations and potential hazards at distance.
• Depth perception : judging how inclined, flat, or declined a surface is (especially during putting).
• Gauging distances.
• Picking your line and judging the correct approach.
• Tracking the flight of the ball in the air, and where it has bounced to.

If these judgments are tough enough on your regular course, playing on an unfamiliar course makes them even harder.

How do you improve your eyesight using supplements? The first thing to note is that there is a difference between what a supplement will do and what an optician will do.

When we talk about supplements to improve vision, we are not talking about improving eyesight. Opticians improve eyesight via glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery, which alter the way the lens at the front of the eye focuses incoming light on the cornea at the back.

Supplements which improve vision work in different ways. In addition to encouraging ocular bloodflow and protecting from blue light, these products may include ingredients to improve;

– Eye Signaling Speed : Increases in rhodopsin can improve the efficiency of neural pathways, increasing the signal speed between retina and brain.
– Contrast Sensitivity : Macular pigment density can improve detection of dark against light, or light against dark. Perfect for picking out a dark ball against a clear sky … which quickly turns into a white ball in front of dark trees.
– Visual Acuity : Picking out finer detail at a distance, like the subtle nuances of an approach to a green.
– Motion Detection : Retinal flicker sensitivity, helping pick out the rapid movements of a bouncing ball.

Like many supplements, whilst there are often very specific health goals around them (especially in relation to golf), they also offer more general health benefits.

Find out more about this class of product in this guide to vision supplements.

T Up – Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most underrated hormones when it comes to improving your golf, it can play a key role in improving your all-round performance abilities, especially for the seniors.

It’s a well-known fact the testosterone levels decrease with age, T boosting supplements can provide you with a variety of benefits which can contribute towards a better golf performance;

• Increased strength and endurance
• Reduced stress
• Increased energy

There are a bewildering variety of testosterone boosting products on the market, mainly aimed at young men wanting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A build like that is unlikely to help your swing.

However, there are products that are more suitable for golf. The most highly rated at the moment is low testosterone booster Centrapeak.

This product focuses on test boosting ingredients which are also shown to reduce stress by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In addition it includes ‘feel good’ ingredients you’d normally find in nootropic products to improve mental wellbeing.

The net result is a combination of attributes which could help give you that edge on the course, improving endurance and helping you cope with a difficult hole.

Please insert your own joke about the libido enhancement aspect of test boosting products at this point.

If you know your test levels you can use this testosterone calculator tool to work out where you sit relative to other men of your age, and decide whether a test booster would be a worthwhile investment.

Swing Easy – Joints and Ligaments

Joint pain is common amongst older people and it can impact your enjoyment of game, and therefore how often you play and practice.

Problems such as ‘golfers’ elbow’, an inflammation in the tendons that occurs when there’s an overuse of the muscles in your forearm, can turn your passion into an ongoing misery.

To get the best out of your swing you need the best out of your joints, especially when it comes to mobility.

Painkillers don’t treat problems with joints and ligaments, they hide them. Supplements aimed at improving this aspect of your physiology will endeavor to;

• Nourish ligaments, tendons, and crucial connective tissues
• Enable superior recovery
• Increase resilience
• Improve strength
• Promote flexibly and comfort
• Support cartilage health

You can learn more about this type of supplements in this guide.


These supplements are based on the latest research and are a great way to improve your sporting performance, giving you that extra edge.

They all provide their own individual benefits towards your game as well as general health benefits. They are particularly beneficial to people over 50, as this is the age where you may start to experience joint, vision and low T problems.

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