MyProScooter-Features that are Helpful to Users

MyProScooter-Features that are Helpful to Users


MyProScooter-Features that are Helpful to Users


Every pro scooter enthusiast wants to find the best for pulling out the best stunts. You have to consider among other features deck size, the bar design, weight, wheel size and framework among other features. If you are already an experienced scooter user, you will have an easy time getting your desired scooter. However, if you are just starting, then find the appropriate product can be a tricky affair. There are a lot of designs and brands suited to different riders and different styles. You can find a variety of such at Here are some of the features that might be helpful to you.

Consider the Weight

Whether you are an experienced scooter rider or a beginner, you need to consider the weight of the scooter. The weight determines the kind of tricks you can perform with the scooter and the speed you can move with it. If the scooter is heavy, it might limit your swiftness. It also determines the kind of terrain you can ride your scooter. Remember, there will be instances where you have to carry your scooter, so get one you will be comfortable carrying around.

Complete or Custom

Various companies make complete scooter brands from quality parts. If you need to get a complete one, you just have to check out all the parts and how they are designed. If you want to customize your product, you can do so by picking unique parts to assemble your scooter to your liking. You will get a scooter that will suit your style and needs.

Check Size

Usually, the bigger the scooter, the stronger it will be. However, you need to consider the size of the rider to get the appropriate size. For teenagers, a scooter with a short bar appropriate and some small wheels probably about 100 mm would be appropriate, not unless the teen is relatively bigger than his or her peers. Children require a much smaller and lighter machine. Adults can take up the larger scooters, ideal for commuting.

Deck Size

The deck is the surface on which you place your feet, and where you ride your scooter. It is usually made of a strong material that can withstand the weight of the rider. Children’s scooters are made of less sturdy materials since they need to be light. The deck is usually about 4 to 5 inches wide and about 24 inches long. You will find some that are shorter, and some longer. You choose to depend on your taste and liking. Remember, the deck holds everything together, so it must be strong.


Every scooter has two wheels at the front and back. Professional scooters feature aluminum rim wheels. Others have plastic rims. Aluminum wheels are sturdier and stronger than those made of plastic. If you are to ride your scooter on rough terrains, we recommend that you go for one with aluminum wheels. The size of the wheels ranges from 100 to 125 mm. Again, this depends on your liking. Larger wheels tend to be faster in general, but it is the rider who determines the speed in most cases.

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