Handy Tips on Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Handy Tips on Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet


Handy Tips on Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet


The ability to choose a pair of shoes that fits perfectly depends on how well you understand your feet. This revolves around the feet measurements, lifestyle diseases and type of arches. It’s the nature of your arch that dictates whether you have normal or flat feet. Those with flat feet have relatively lower or even no arch.

This means that their bodies are missing the required natural shock absorbers and are, therefore, at higher risks of injuries or stress, when moving or working out. That’s why they need specific shoes that can provide extra support to prevent such injuries. When it comes to sportswear, we have shoes meant for specific activities, and not only that, but also types of feet as well.

However, those with flat feet do have difficult times in finding perfectly fitting shoes. They have to look for more than just the right weight, size, breathability and the likes.  So, if you  play basketball and you tend to have flat feet, I have some 6 Handy  Tips on Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet lined up for you.

Handy Tips on Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

  1. Arch support

The right shoes should offer sturdy arch support. Having flat feet as we have seen implies that your feet have no natural arch support. This calls for additional padding because that’s the area that tends to receive a lot of pressure. Finding basketball shoes with the right insole assists in providing the whole body with the needed stability, structure and flexibility.

It also helps with shock absorption when running at the basketball court. All of these will help ease the pain which is always felt on the joints and the lower back. This frequently happens when you wear shoes for extended hours. If you can’t find shoes with sufficient cushioning, you can also opt for shoe inserts for added comfort.

  1. Ankle support

This is key for all players, not only limited to those with flat feet. We all agree that any sport dictates that the shoes should offer optimal ankle stability. This is why most types of sportswear come in the form of sneakers and not flip-flops.

Shoes with good ankle support ensure that the feet are kept stable when inside the shoes hence preventing any undesired ankle movements while in action. With such, you’ll rarely experience any ankle injuries.

  1. Outer soles

Flat feet need to be complimented with relatively flat, soft and durable outsoles. This helps in taking the right shape of the feet and absorbing impacts generated from subsequent movements on the court.

Finding basketball shoes with these specifications will leave your feet comfortable throughout the game, even when you play for extended hours. I recommend that you invest in quality brands, because with them comes quality and durable sole materials.

  1. Flexibility.

Basketball involves coordination of multiple movements. Those with lower or no arches often find it difficult to adjust to such movements compared to the ones blessed with normal arches. This is where the shoes come in handy. Flexibility falls back to the materials used for the shoe sole and uppers.

Therefore, your focus should be on shoes made with flexible construction. Examples are those made of mesh uppers and rubber soles. Mesh uppers are also good for breathability, keeping your feet dry and comfortable the entire time.

  1. Stability control

Stability control shoes are highly recommended for those who tend to suffer from over pronation. This is defined as the excessive inward rolling of the foot, which mainly affects those with flat feet.

When not addressed, it can initiate workout related injuries which will slow you down when playing. For basketball, look for shoes with designs that support adequate stability and comfort.

  1. Toe-box

With the kind of exercises involved at the basketball courts, your toes should have enough room. The more spacious the toe-box is, the more comfort improves. This prevents toes from jamming up, leading to fatigue. It also improves balance as you shift to different motions with the ball at hand.

Adequate space allows the toes to spread freely, enhancing stability. It enhances toe alignment and your feet health in general. Therefore as you consider other factors, consider those shoes with wider toe-box, especially if you have flat and wide foot. You can find multiple samples here.


Getting the right footwear should be a number one concern for everyone, especially those who tend to work out more often. This plays a role in preventing unnecessary injuries that may slow you down. With comfortable shoes, you’ll see improvements on your performance.

Now that you have the handy tips on choosing the best basketball shoes for flat feet, I hope that you’ll make informed decisions the next time you’re out buying shoes. Sometimes we cannot make it right with the type of feet that we have, but we can do so with the footwear that we buy. The only way out is comfort and always remember that it varies for different people. So, always stick by whatever shoes that suit your needs.

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