Contract Contender Week 7: Jay Perrin

Contract Contender Week 7: Jay Perrin


Contract Contender Week 7: Jay Perrin


The contender series brings two levels of excitement; the excitement we see in every fight card, and the excitement of seeing a fighter’s dreams come true on live broadcast. Each week we’ll look at a fighter who we think has what it takes to be one of those receiving the life changing contract. 


Name: Jay Perrin
Opponent: Dwight Joseph

A cursory glance at the careers of these two fighters shows very similar looking fights. Both men have solid and fundamental striking, but do their best work with takedowns. Both work to the back rather quickly and are good at using strikes to soften up their opponents for the submission.

The difference is that in those similar looking fights, Perrin was fighting some real high level regional circuit veterans and Joseph was fighting guys brought in for him to beat. The combined record of Joseph’s last two opponents is 7-16. Meanwhile, Perrin has beat Johnny Campbell and Kin Moy (who holds a win over Andre Soukhamthath).

The difference of opponents is not in and of itself enough reason to think Perrin will win. However, the gains he’s made in his striking lead me to believe he’ll have an advantage there, and ultimately I think he’s more technical in his grappling.

Official Prediction: Perrin via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), Round 3


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