How to Clear Your Mind 

How to Clear Your Mind 


How to Clear Your Mind 


Clearing your mind is not as simple as emptying the recycle bin of old data. No, your mind is a unique form, and it holds much more power than you could ever imagine. But, by doing your best and realizing what can be done when you are aware of your thoughts, and the power of your mind, you are on the right path to getting the optimal results.  

At the same time, you will be releasing your brain from those stressful and demanding thoughts. While we will not say that it is simple, we are just suggesting that you are much closer to it than what it seems. 

There are a few main terms that are often related to clearing your mind – meditation, mindfulness, and yes you have guessed it, yoga! All these have been practiced in ancient Eastern cultures, and while these have a history dating back at least a few thousand years, now the Western world is acknowledging these as methods of coping with stress.  

Still, most people have a hard time or don’t know how to accept the true concept of these, thus ending up with minimal or no results at all. In order to solve this, and actually clear your mind of what seems like a burden, you need to follow certain tips for meditation and be familiar with the core principles of the aforementioned practices.  

The Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation 

Both mindfulness and meditation will do a great deal when it comes to clearing your mind, but these are in no way the same two concepts. Meditation is a form of mental exercise that usually includes being in a specific setting like sitting in a chair or lying on a bed. It is followed up by some kind of mantra (you don’t have to do this) and a specific awareness on your breathing rhythm. During the meditation session, you will notice your thoughts come and go, but the idea is that instead of focusing on these, you should rather ignore them and keep focused on your breathing.  

Well, guess what? Mindfulness is different. Instead of pushing those negative and positive thoughts from your mind in lieu of a focus on breathing, you will need to be aware of them and accept them. Mindfulness is all about staying present in the moment and that is the main thing if you are looking to clear your mind. Most worrying thoughts (that you want to clear out) come from thinking about the past and future, and by focusing on the present, you are reducing your worries. 

Can You Clear Your Mind? 

In order for that to happen, you will need to perform certain things that will allow you to do so. When it comes to answering how to clear your mind, it is quite simply – don’t think about it! The whole idea is not to expect any results or to have a specific set of thoughts that you want to kick out of your mind. It will happen on its own as long as you stay true to the principles that are set by meditation, mindfulness, and similar practices. 

What Does this Mean? 

The first thing you should understand is that all things come and go, and we are not saying this to make you feel better, but as a matter of fact. It is true, and if you ever analyze all your life situations, you would notice that after a positive thing, there was always something negative (whether it was of the same caliber, it doesn’t matter), and vice versa. 

Thus, accepting both the positive and negative thoughts that flow through your mind, and starting to realize what they mean, and why they come in a pattern-like form, is the key to unlocking and clearing your mind. The moment you understand that it is the present moment that matters and that it holds the key to the past and future, that is when you will clear your mind. 


The key to clearing your mind is mindfulness meditation and accepting your thoughts as they come and go. Staying aware and present in the moment is all there is to it. Don’t believe us? Try it out and be amazed by how good it feels that, for once, you are not worrying about the past or the future, but you are actually enjoying what is happening here and now. 

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