How to Find the Best CBD Site for You

How to Find the Best CBD Site for You


How to Find the Best CBD Site for You


You want to try CBD, that’s great! Next, you just need to decide which product you want, and most importantly where you want to buy it from. As the CBD market is relatively new in the mainstream it can be hard to know which website to choose. It’s not like grocery shopping where you’re used to seeing all the shops on the highstreet, CBD vendors exist almost exclusively online. There’s a few key areas to explore when it comes to picking the right CBD website for you, and we will be going into more detail in this article – to make sure you make the right decision for you!

Finding the right company is to find a company that cares about you as a customer. That is to say helps provide you with an education about CBD, is trusted and transparent, and offers impeccable customer experience and care.

As a newcomer (or even as a CBD veteran) you may have a lot of questions about what exactly this naturally occurring compound is, where is comes from, and how it works. Therefore a good test for a new company you come across is to see whether they offer this information. This demonstrates that they are passionate about their business, from start to finish, they care about their customers and they are not simply trying to push their product – but also widen general knowledge around CBD to help the community grow. Information like this can be found in CBD blog posts or even under FAQs – remember, the more information the better, you can never be overeducated!

The element of educational content available on a company’s website will also speak volumes about their transparency as an organisation, and consequently how trustworthy they are. Along with general information about what CBD is and how it works, your chosen CBD provider should offer more specific information about their process; where they grow the hemp and how they extract the CBD, this is what is known as full traceability from seed to final product. Growing hemp and extracting is not exactly a straightforward process when it is done correctly, so it goes without saying that a company would not stay quiet on this matter had they been through the effort. One easy way to do a thorough check is to have a look at whether the company is displaying a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) showing the results from a third party laboratory test, verifying all the components of the final product (including the all-important potency of CBD).

As mentioned previously, the CBD industry is fairly new into the mainstream, just ask the CBDNerds, and for that reason it remains largely unregulated. As official government advice and regulations is generally missing in this space, it is advisable that as a new customer you turn to fellow customer reviews. Customer reviews should be logged under the product or through a third party moderator, such as Trustpilot. Understanding the experience of other customers can be key, as these are unbiased and candid opinions of the products.

Finally, you want to find a company that really cares about you as a customer. This should entail a user friendly experience from start to finish. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to choosing your CBD website, you really should. You don’t need to get involved with a clunky and confusing website, after all – this is supposed to be relaxing and stress free. A clear and effective design will help you choose the correct product for you, with all the necessary information. To finish up, delivery is the final aspect you should take into consideration. Your time is valuable, so find a company who offers speedy and reasonably priced delivery.

When looking for the right CBD shop for you, you can never do enough research. It’s understandable that you might want to get your hands on this great product as soon as possible, but be sure not to rush into anything. Before buying ask yourself in the website is trustworthy, whether it has enough information about the journey of its products, and whether it offers helpful customer service. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the seller, or come back to this article for reference!

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