How to Keep Your Golf Cart in Peak Condition

How to Keep Your Golf Cart in Peak Condition


How to Keep Your Golf Cart in Peak Condition


The summer is probably one of the worst months to play outside or basically do anything—you get tanned in an unflattering way and sweat stains on clothes, and really, just about everything is sticky and uncomfortable. But for golf players, it’s the best season to take a swing at the nearest golf course and practice strikes or play just for fun. With the nice summer weather attracting golfers, it’s possible that all the carts will be rented out and impossible to get.

It’s still better to invest in a nice golf cart you can take with you when you want to play. If you’re really invested in the sport, rest assured that this cart will be used often. Plus, who doesn’t want to drive around in a golf cart? If you’ve been to Catalina Island, you’ll see many players are traveling around in a golf cart, and it’s quite a convenience!

If you’re already a golf cart owner, here are some tips to remember to keep it in tip-top shape:

  • Keep it clean. Give it a nice wash and make sure it’s clean before and after use. This will help prevent stains and early corrosion on the metal handles, steering wheel, and other parts of the cart. Vacuum the seats, dust off the back and the floors, and wash off the wheels and the carpet to keep it in good condition. By keeping it clean, you prevent tarnish, fading leather seats, and cracked paint. Polish the metal bars and baskets to make it last longer. It’s also nice to ride a clean cart!
  • Keep it covered when it’s not in use. The sun can actually damage the vehicle, and it makes the plastic parts brittle and weak. Keep the cart away from the direct sun, and if not in use, cover it, especially if there’s no space in the garage. Invest in good quality cover to keep it in good shape and condition.
  • Make sure to charge the batteries. Always check if the batteries are fully charged before going out, and make sure to charge it after you get back home. If possible, get a spare for emergencies. Always invest in the best quality. The best way to do this is to  research the brand before buying.
  • Don’t fill the battery cells that much. Checking the water levels after one to three months is important. This is to make sure that the lead plates are submerged. Do this after charging the battery. Filling battery cells depend on how often you use the cart and the distances covered during drives. It’s important to add distilled water ¼ to ½ inch above the plates. The best way to avoid problems is to make sure to check the batteries every time you use the cart.
  • Keep the batteries clean. Even if you bought the best golf cart batteries, it can still be prone to corrosion and rust, so make sure you clean it after using to prevent this or at least slow down the process. Dirt, mud, grass, or small insects could get stuck in it, so make sure to check the batteries whenever you can. Cleaning a golf cart battery is easy—a solution of water and baking soda should do the trick! Always make sure, too, that the wirings are connected properly and are tightened. If there are broken wires, or if you suspect there’s something wrong with the batteries, have it checked by a professional and get it fixed right away.
  • Check the tires. Are the tires soft and lacking air? If so, perhaps there’s a hole? Always check before going out! Some people get stuck on the way to their destination because they forgot to fill the tires with air or patch it when they knew there were holes or even pack a spare. Aside from keeping your golf cart tires and wheels in good shape, make sure you stash a spare in your cart and maintain the air for that too.
  • Check the brakes. This is a must—always check the brakes before heading out to the course. Since courses aren’t always flat and easy to pass through, the brakes are as important as everything else in the cart. This involves cleaning and adjusting the pads, cables, drums, and pedals. Cleaning the breaks will make it last longer with fewer repairs and lesser chances of accidents.
  • Have it serviced yearly. Dedicate a time and day for the golf cart to be serviced and checked by a professional. There could be damage, like a dent on the golf cart rims, that you might have missed and which might cause a bigger problem in the future. Get the cart’s suspension, steering, and overall performance checked to keep it in good condition.
  • Have the oil checked. Experiencing oil leaks lately? The rear differential of the cart might be too dirty and may have absorbed dirt and debris, which got caught. If it becomes worse, make sure you have a professional check your cart before doing something else. If you want to DIY repairs of your cart to save money in the long run, make sure you’re properly trained for it and that you’ve researched and have backup help if ever.
  • Secure the cart whenever you load it up. When using a truck or a pickup to load your golf cart and transport it somewhere else, make sure it is well secured with belts. Invest in a proper loading dock and equipment to safely load the cart onto the vehicle. Make sure that you load it up carefully that it doesn’t scratch the walls of the pickup truck or itself. This can be prevented by padding up the walls of the truck.

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