Gear Up With The Best Paintball Pro Tips

Gear Up With The Best Paintball Pro Tips


Gear Up With The Best Paintball Pro Tips


Enjoying amateur sports is a great way to spend time with friends. To really play though, you’ll need the right gear, and the right attitude. Whether you’re playing with a competitive league, or to blow off some steam, what you wear can change your game. So can your knowledge of the rules, and your behavior on the field.

Blasting your buds with high-speed paint bullets is thrilling and fast-paced. Here are some tips so that win or lose, you can be prepared to play your best game.

What To Wear

Typically, most paintball companies will provide eye protection. This is essential while playing paintball. The bullets can come fast and do damage to vulnerable areas. While paint bullets are harmless, eye-protective paintball gear is important to protect your vision.

While it might be tempting to go shirtless, this isn’t a game of pickup basketball. Paintball can give players huge welts on their body. It is advised that players wear thick jeans and sweatshirts that give the skin a layer of protection.

Some players even use gloves, boots, helmets, and protective vests while playing. Golfing or gardening gloves work fine to protect your hands. Any shoe that covers the entire foot and perhaps the ankle is a great choice for the game. Women are advised to try a sports bra for extra protection and support. Paintball is all in good fun, but using protective gear can help prevent lasting injuries like bruises and welts.

Rules and Regulations

Sportsmanship is a major component of the game. If someone is injured while playing, any decent person will put the game aside to make sure they are okay. While it is fast-paced and exciting, the point of the game is to have fun.

Most companies have rules that deal with how and when you are allowed to shoot, run, and get out of the game. These help to protect players and keep the game safe and fun. Some of these common rules include:

Do not operate a paintball marker while impaired

Keep eyewear on at all times

Do not blind fire

Close range shots must first offer targets the chance to surrender

Use safeties and barrel plugs when markers are not in use

Be sure to brief yourself on the rules before entering the arena so that you don’t engage in uncool or unsafe behaviors.

Equipment Specifications

Often the paintball facility will provide the gear necessary to play. This includes:

Paintball gun

Face mask/helmet

Hopper (holds the paintballs)

Compressed air tank

There are three standard types of paintball guns: pump, mechanical, and electronic. They vary in terms of being automatic or semi automatic. They also differ in their speed and how they are reloaded. There are benefits to each.

The pump paintball marker uses a pump system in between shots to prep the next paintball. This means you’ll have to run and duck between shots, and be strategic about your aim. The mechanical marker is semi-automatic. It’s a bit faster to operate than the pump marker, and is the most commonly used. Electronic paintball markers are the fastest and easiest to use. They can shoot easily and don’t require pumps between shots.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Above all else, the most important thing to do is have fun. If you’re out in the arena enjoying yourself with your friends, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Paintball can be physically exhausting, and often times you’ll come out the other end with bruises and scrapes. Gearing up and knowing the rules can help you to play hard, play safe, and have fun.

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