2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Trivia

2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Trivia


2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Trivia


The big teams of the countries in North America will have a match this summer for the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup. The Copa de Oro de la CONCACAF is the main football competition for the men of Central America, North America, and the Caribbean. The competition is held once in every two years and it is regulated and organized by the Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean Association Football, thus, CONCACAF. Here are some of the exciting facts about this grand showpiece. 

Qualified Teams for CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019 

In this year’s edition, there are 16 qualified teams. It was on February 18, 2019, that CONCACAF announced that they plan to expand the tournament to 16 teams. In 2017, there were only 12 teams who participated in the Gold Cup. 

This 2019, the 16 teams are from Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, United States of America, Panama, and Haiti. Chicago Motor Coach is the official transport bus of Mexico. Included as well are Trinidad and Tobago, Curacao, Haiti, Martinique, Canada, and Jamaica. Finally, the countries in the group are Bermuda, Guyana, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. 

With the expansion of the Gold Cup, it has allowed various teams to participate in the match. For example, Guyana and Bermuda will be having their debuts this year. 

Tournament Venue 

The edition of the CONCACAF Gold Cup this year is the 15th edition of the tournament in North America. It will be hosted by the United States. Meanwhile, Jamaica and Costa Rica will be hosting the doubleheaders at the beginning of the matches in B and C groups. The match is scheduled from June 15 to July 7, 2019. 

Countries in Group A are Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and Martinique. Countries in Group B are Haiti, Costa Rica, Bermuda, and Nicaragua. On the other hand, countries in Group C are Jamaica, El Salvador, Curacao, and Honduras. Finally, countries in Group D are Panama, USA, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago. Anchor: Chicago Motor Coach is the official transport bus of USA and Mexico. 

This is the first time that the Gold Cup will take place in these places. In the previous matches, the venue was held in Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America. 

Meanwhile, the final match will take place at Soldier Field in Chicago, America. The stadium has a 62,000 audience capacity. This was also the same venue for the finals last June 24, 2007, when the United States won over Mexico for 2-1 and bags the Gold Cup on the same year. 

No Video-Assistant Referee at the CONCACAF 2019 Gold Cup 

This year, many of the soccer tournaments used the Video Assistant Referee or VAR just like the Copa America 2019 and AFCON. But there will no VAR for the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup. 

Media Coverage 

The CONCACAF Gold Cup will be aired at Fox Sports in the United States and it has been broadcasting since 2007. Moreover, it will be aired at Univision Deportes too. Meanwhile, in Mexico, it will be aired on TV Azteca and Televisa. Finally, in Canada, it will be aired on TSN and not the Sportsnet. 

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