9 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Golf

9 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Golf


9 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Golf


Buying gifts for golfers can be a little challenging, especially because many of them already know what they want. There’s also the fact that there are thousands of golf products available in the market, from good ol’ golf balls to newfangled tech products.

To help you pick the best any-occasion present for the golfer (or golfers) in your life, here’s a short list of gift ideas. Many of these items can be found in your trusted golf shop, so all you have to worry about is buying the gift and getting it wrapped!

A Versatile Bag

Every golfer needs a reliable bag to keep their essentials safe and secure. Whether you’re getting a backpack or a tote bag, pick something that has plenty of pockets to help with organisation. You may also want to consider a 2-in-1 bag if you aren’t sure which style the recipient prefers. If your golfer friend or loved one travels often, get them a duffel bag that has shoe pockets so they can bring their favorite golfing footwear. Colour-wise, try two-tone options for subtle stylishness or neutrals like gray or navy for classic elegance.

A Smart Caddie or Swing Sensor

For the tech-obsessed golfer who wants to continuously improve their game, a smart caddie or a a swing sensor is a great gift. These products can help track shots and monitor one’s statistics, among other functions. A swing sensor is particularly valuable in tracking tempo, alignment, impact, and other club data. All of these can help improve a golfer’s overall performance. The high-tech accessories might even make them feel like one of the pros!

A Portable Putting Green

If your favourite golfer doesn’t have his own putting green yet, then it’s time to get them one. This way, they can practice their swings no matter where they please. If you have the extra cash to spare, find something with additional features like auto-return.

A Golf Shirt (or Two)

In all honesty, a golfer can’t have enough outfits, so you can be relatively sure that the recipient will love a high-quality shirt. There’s a wealth of features and styles to consider, like short, long, or sleeveless, made from breathable fabric or with added UV protection—and more. Of course, you can also choose from a variety of well-known sports brands or independent retailers. If you’re feeling a little generous, get at least two: one for warm weather and one for colder seasons.

A Golf Glove

A golf glove is one of those accessories that aren’t actually necessary but would definitely be appreciated. It’s especially helpful for golfers with a loose grip and for preventing calluses and blisters. You may also get specialty gloves for use in humid and cold weather to provide dryness and warmth along with enhanced grip.

A Pair of Dress Shoes

Let’s face it: a golfer most probably pays more attention to their golf shoes than other kinds of footwear. Come a formal event, they may be scrambling for some leathers. Save them the trouble and get them a gorgeous new pair of dressy shoes. Oxfords are stylish classics, but for something that feels a little more luxurious, monk strap shoes are an excellent choice. For colour, black and dark brown are the safest bets.

A New Sport Watch

It doesn’t matter if your gift recipient  is a newbie or bordering on being a pro. The right sport watch can help every golfer track and improve their performance. And if you think that sport watches look too rugged for formal events, just wait until you see the array of selections with the sleekest designs. Choose a multi-sport model for added features like waterproofing and extra-tough lenses, or at least those that also double as fitness trackers.

A Set of New Golf Balls

Did you know that golf balls vary in their level of firmness? There are also various materials and different thicknesses used for the cover. All of these factors influence the ball’s trajectory, how the ball will spin, how far it will go, and more. Get a set of pro-level golf balls with urethane covers for your serious golfer friends. For beginners and more casual players, a set of softer golf balls that fly a bit farther would probably be best.

A Club Brush

For something simple and thoughtful, a brush to keep clubs squeaky clean is something every golfer can appreciate. Best of all, club brushes often come in kits that include other items like a divot tool or a set of microfiber towels.

Gifting is a subtle art that not many people have mastered. What more, if the recipient has a specific hobby—like golf—that you might not have much of an idea about, right? Hopefully, this list can help you in narrowing down your options.

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