Madden 20: Bigger and Better

Madden 20: Bigger and Better


Madden 20: Bigger and Better


Annual re-tweaking of an already established franchise is difficult, and it requires loads of innovation. But how EA Sports keeps on getting it right with the Madden series is bewildering. 

In the new release of the NFL series, Madden NFL 20 plays for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PC and comes in three editions; The Standard, Superstar, and the Ultimate super star editions. With every version having unique bonus items, players have plenty of options.

As the only football game around, the premiered Madden 20 comes with abundant tweaks and additions bound to turn the new NFL season into a scintillating experience. With a new game mode, the Face of the Franchise QB 1 and many adjustments to players’ abilities and menus, the game offers a superior experience to the past versions.


The Face of the Franchise QB1 

After chatting with gamers, EA developed the Face of the Franchise QB1 mode, which focuses on giving players a thrilling experience where they are the star of their football team. While it is difficult to achieve the star level, the story mode allows players to test their character by starting as rookies. 

Set as the most prominent feature added to the franchise in 2019, the Face of the franchise mode achieves a combo of storytelling and gameplay. And it is what the EA team had always envisioned in the previous versions but ever came short.

In the new model, you play as a revered quarterback starting his career in a top drawer college. You undergo a series of challenges, including playing as a bench player for many games. All duels, reps, and the decisions you make in games define your position in the draft boards.

When you get a chance in the college championship playoffs, you must showcase your ace skills to win the title. How you perform in the championship determines your value and skill set. 

The mode gives you a personalized NFL experience, where you witness in real-time the endurance needed to become a pro. You encounter real-life scenarios demanding hard work and preparation before success and ranking as a legend.

X-Factor and Super Star Abilities in Madden Ultimate Team

For an irresistible and authentic experience, EA tweaked players abilities. As a result, top players have exceptional skills that set them apart. As you gain skills to grow to an elite player, you become harder to tackle, dominant in games, and other players in your team respect you. For an even exciting twist, EA, capped players salaries to match their abilities

Within a short period, Madden designers lifted the menus and enhanced player interaction in both the Franchise and Ultimate Team modes. The changes intend to provide players with more an eye-catching outlook and the liberty to change game direction.

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