Applying for a Marriage Certificate online to save time.

Applying for a Marriage Certificate online to save time.


Applying for a Marriage Certificate online to save time.


If you are sure to be getting married in a year, you should really begin the process of marriage registration. According to a new rule by the Government, every marriage has to be registered for it to be legal. There are two main Acts through which a person can register a marriage;

  • the Marriage registration Act OR
  • Special Marriage Act.

Although both Acts are the same in theory, there are certain differences in the requirements and documentation for registering.

Instead of heading to the m​arriage registration​ office to get the list of documents needed to get this done or the process that has to be followed for getting this done, you can now have the complete process handled at your convenience through someone else. The entire marriage registration process has been taken online, with all the information on their official website, online marriage registration.​

Furthermore, the website finds someone else to handle the entire process on your behalf. All you would have to do is fill out the forms and upload the supporting documents. The system has a series of checks that would make sure that the documents uploaded work. They would then have someone other than you go through the entire process on your behalf. The website also goes one step further and provides you with the approximate date that you would receive your documentation and the certificate post-processing. This is a lot more efficient than the previously used system which involved having to travel to the office each time you wanted an update.

What else can the marriage registration website assist with?

Before getting into the technicalities of the handlings of the marriage registration website, a marriage certificate is needed because of the following reasons:

  1. Marriage certificates are needed as proof of a marriage
  2. Marriage certificates are needed when it comes to various documents that the couple will have to handle post marriage. Some of these might include
    1. Visa registrations and travel documents as a couple
    2. Changes made to the wives name
  3. They allow the children born of the marriage to have some documentation as well
  4. They are a requirement for a lot of the religious ceremonies relating to a marriage

The marriage website, on the other hand, assists with all of the above needs. It allows people to

  1. Register their marriage
  2. Get the list of documents needed for the marriage registration
  3. Apply for a duplicate/copy of their marriage certificate if they lost their original one
  4. If there are changes that need to be addressed to their marriage certificate, it gives them the opportunity to handle that as well.

Overall, the introduction of the marriage registration website has completely changed the process of pushing papers or dealing with documentation. It makes everything so simple and faster than applicants can get all the help they need through the website. They would have to source their supporting documents, but that is an additional task that would have to be handled anyway.

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