Making changes to Government documents made easy through websites and online portals

Making changes to Government documents made easy through websites and online portals


Making changes to Government documents made easy through websites and online portals


Dealing with any Government related documentation is a tedious process. There is so little that has to be done to get a paper pushed, but the amount of time that it takes is just painful. This might be the case with anything that applicants have to get through Government offices, whether ration cards, birth certificates, Aadhaar cards, or other documents.

Everyone was waiting for these systems to be taken online and the wait was definitely fruitful. Soon multiple websites took these processes online and hired their people to handle the running around for applicants. This meant that the running around would be handled by someone else while applicants just had to provide their details and supporting documents to a website. Now most people with minimal tech knowledge could now get their documentation sorted in a few minutes through the online portal.

Getting a ​death certificate​ was a tedious process especially since the people getting the certificate were usually going through a tough time with their personal lives. However, the website allow users to:

  • Download the forms needed for the process death certificate process.
  • Apply for a new death certificate.
  • Apply for a duplicate certificate, if you are applying on someone else’s behalf or need an extended family members death certificate.
  • Make changes to a death certificate if there were errors or typos.

All of these tasks can be performed at the death certificate office directly, however, they would take a lot of time and involve multiple trips. The process through the office hasn’t been scraped since there are people without the technical know-how to handle creating one online.

Furthermore, there are people who prefer having their family members death certificates created through the office, since they might be against submitting their personal documents to a website.

Sometimes people have to create ​death certificates​ in a hurry since it is a necessity for many religious processes. They later realize that there are issues with the certificate they created and these typos and errors need to be corrected. Instead of going back to the office to have them changed, another giant waste of time and effort, they can literally be handled online without having to leave your home.

The largest deterrent for people who were trying to get their documents in order, would be spending that much time at an office or having to travel back and forth which caused them to side step the process. They would just prefer avoiding these tasks if they weren’t really requirement. However, being able to handle all of this at your own convenience automatically incentivises people to begin the application process. That’s not all, the website mentions the number of days you would have to wait post submitting everything so you aren’t waiting indefinitely either.

Overall, using an online platform to handle any paperwork does add a level of e ease to the entire process making it that much easier.

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