Online birth certificates pushing an increased number of applications through websites.

Online birth certificates pushing an increased number of applications through websites.


Online birth certificates pushing an increased number of applications through websites.


Getting a birth certificate is the right of every individual born, no matter their education, social status or anything else. However, in the little time post their birth, the hospital usually coordinates the details that are added to the birth certificate. These are usually needed for the religious ceremonies that are handled post the birth. Very often, in their haste, there are a few errors or typos that are made in the certificate which would have to be rectified later.

What’s the process of making changes to birth certificates?

The initial process usually meant that the applicant would have to travel to the office and get the list of forms that would have to be submitted to the office. They would then have to gather all the documents and make another trip to the office to submit them, which is a giant task. Furthermore, since these offices are only open during work hours, it means clearing up your schedule to make it work.

The process seemed like a lot of work for something that could have been handled in a few minutes which deterred many people from getting it done unless really necessary. To assist with this situation, various companies got together and created websites that would be able to assist with this entire process.

What does the birth certificate website actually do?

The ​birth certificate​ website is used for a whole bunch of things that are connected to birth certificates. You can

  • Apply for a new birth certificate (in case of the exception where you didn’t have one
  • Apply for a duplicate birth certificate if you lose or spoilt your original one
  • Apply for the list of documents needed for any birth certificate related task

Apply for changes to be made to your birth certificate if there were any errors or typos

All of these can be handled from home which means you can do this online, whenever you get the time. You would not even have to go out unless to gather supporting documents which would be provided a list of.

Furthermore, the website would gather all the information and verify if everything provided to them is proper, legal and accurate. After that is done, they would then have someone from their ground team coordinate with the registrar of births and deaths and get the necessary changes handled on your behalf. They would also provide you with a deadlines of how long the entire process would take. You can then just wait to receive the ​birth certificate​ through the post at your house.

This new and efficient system is changes the way people interact with Government offices and allowing for a lot more people to get their documentation sorted.

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